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Title: Opposite the cup a Joe’s

Opposite The Cup A Joe's
by Cabaret

Rating: R
Warning: This contains a graphic M/M consenting sex scene, if slash is not your thing, please do not read this. Also contains some angst. Also ep spoiler.
Summery: Closet case Face from the Cup a Joe's episode.
Author's Note: Alanda posted a challenge on the VA some time ago, asking if anyone could do something with the scene from 'Cup a Joe's' where Face tells Murdock he'd make someone a good wife someday. This fic is replying that challenge, it's part of two separate fics, running in two different universes, both related only by the placement of the story. (Part two called 'Behind the
Cup a Joe's'.)
Thanks: To Alanda for making me go back and watching that episode, and seeing the slash!
Disclaimer: The A Team are not mine, I am merely borrowing the characters for purposes of writing, nothing more.
Comments: Yes please!


"You know, you'd make someone a great wife someday"

Damn it! Why did he just say that? Face waited for the reaction, hoping Murdock
would pal it off as usual. Murdock stalled, I'm not even gonna dignify that
with a response, he thought to himself, as he looked about him, making sure no
one else had heard the insult, wife indeed! He was a fine French chef! With
talents that went far beyond wifely duties. And what did every French chef
need, or rather this French chef need? Paprika! Murdock looked up then spun
into a panic, where was his paprika? He had to have it, just had to. Murdock
quickly forgot the insult, leaving Face quite bemused.

Face sighed a relief as he went to get the paprika, cursing himself too, he'd
let too much slip on this mission already, but it was so hard, his lines came
out without thought when it came to getting what he wanted, and he wanted
Murdock, more desperately then he'd ever wanted anything else before. But it
wasn't right, wasn't natural, wasn't accepted. At least not by the team and not
by himself. Well the least Face could do is try to get BA to lay off of his
untouchable prize. Adding a female interest for his own back coverage of course.


Face ran back into the café and saw Murdock laying on the floor, not of his own
choosing. He was mumbling about being a failure, being blind sided and it being
all his fault. Face started to speak his worries, but stopped himself, this was
not the time and he felt that Hannibal was already suspicious of him after his
little Murdock speech in the van. But he so desperately wanted to comfort
Murdock, tell him it wasn't his fault, tell him that he should have stayed with
him, why the hell had they all ran out of the café anyway? Just to watch
Hannibal? They all knew he could take care of himself, Murdock was a loose
cannon that needed protection, he could have handled those two goons, if he had
been ready for it, but knowing Murdock, he had probably been distracted with
his worry for Hannibal. It wasn't Murdock's fault, he just needed to be ready
for these things. Face was irritated by Hannibal, couldn't he see that Murdock
was beating himself up about this? Why didn't he tell Murdock it was ok and
that he would turn things around, just like they always did? Murdock was quiet.
Face could see he was still beating himself up for his mistake. Hannibal could
be so harsh sometimes.


With everything in the bag, the team were tired, it was late and the offer of
one more night was tempting. Two rooms, two double beds. Murdock was in a huff
with BA, because he burnt his mouth with his chili, Murdock claimed it was on
purpose. He was also still quiet for Murdock, but seeming back to his normal
self, just not the full Murdock rant. Hannibal was tired, he told Face to room
with Murdock, Hannibal said he'd stay with BA to make sure he didn't get any
ideas about shutting up Murdock while he slept for a peaceful drive back
tomorrow, Face's part was to keep Murdock in the room, to make sure he didn't
give BA a reason to shut him up. There had been tension between the two as
usual, they would put up with each other for only so long, Murdock would always
push too far. Face wished it wasn't so, but he obeyed his commanding officer.

Face entered the room, Murdock was already in bed, telling his dreams to the
wall. He was so skinny, barely a ripple in the tides of duvets that encompassed
him. Face felt the ever familiar shudder that went through him, on those rare
occasions he allowed himself to admire Murdock. He clenched his stomach,
dulling the sting that gave him so much pleasure. He got undressed slowly,
imagining a world so much different whereby what he was, was ok, normal. Face
was thankful that he was able to brush off the piece of fluff he had strung
along. Face wasn't even sure he was able to sleep with a woman anymore, there
was always an interruption or an excuse to ward off the final act, it was only
the chase he had ever been interested in anyway.

Face crawled into the warm enclosure Murdock had made, without touching, he
could feel the hot body beside him, softly breathing in sleep. Murdock was
always tired after a mission. To keep himself centred he had to be up and on
the case at speeds Face just couldn't comprehend, his mind would constantly
switch involuntarily, the only way Murdock could cope was to switch with it,
but faster, remaining one step ahead, which always left him exhausted when he
relaxed. Face wanted to hold him, cradle his head in his arms, making it all go
away and give Murdock some peace, which would in turn give Face the peace he
needed, the chase would be over and he would be able to curb this disease that
had weighted him for so long now. But he couldn't. So instead, uncomfortably
ridged and unable to relax, Face closed his eyes.


Face could feel him now, a response so real, how could it be wrong? Murdock
rolled into his arms, looking up and mouthing a 'yes'. Face, hesitant, touched
the naked body in his arms. It was too real, too attainable, two bodies, hot
with tension, Face had played this moment through and through, Murdock would
not have to do a thing.

Face turned Murdock over, pinning him into his embrace, he looked deep into his
eyes, the begging of silent temptation, thrilled him. He ran his lips against
lips, then a small movement to caress those lips with his moist tongue,
everything had to be slow for the first time as they found each other. Face
travelled down, using his mouth to guide him, Murdock's body quivered with
every light touch, making Face want to quicken, but patience was half the
tease. The tease paid off as Murdock surged forward his hips, pushing to a
constant motion into Face's acceptance. Face controlled the play, making
Murdock wait with desperation, until Face teased away and lifted him onto his
kneeling frame, knees that were once used for praying now worshipped the body
they supported. Face entered slowly, Murdock tensed beyond his own reasoning to
make Face stop. He drew forward and down, and kissed the fear away.

"S'ok, relax" Murdock obeyed, believing the words whispered with tenderness and
longing. Face began again, slowly, as he had experienced for his own first. His
hand gently gripped Murdock, giving him a distraction. Pleasure etched it's way
across Murdock's face from the firm guiding hand that controlled him, as he
gripped the pillow from beneath, the motion relinquishing any control he
savoured. Face felt the heat as Murdock gasped in a place so far removed from
their life. Still with motion, Face fell forward, his composure now fading as
he joined his lover in the place of muffled ecstasy. Face breathed into the
chest beneath him adoring the smell of beaded pleasure. Murdock rolled him over
and looked down at his lover, an odd smile upon his lips.


"Hey" he said gently, "Face guy, Face man, Facey wake up." Begrudgingly Face
obeyed. "You ok? Face? Are you awake yet or do I gotta give you the Hymlich


"You were havin a bad dream, Face. You ok?"

"Yeah, I think." Face rubbed his eyes, his mind momentarily escaped to the
Murdock he'd just left, perhaps the description was accurate, it was a bad
dream, and that was all. If it was anything else the longing would be forever.
But now was time to face facts. "What was I doing?"

"Tossin' an' turning mostly, what were you dreaming about man?" Face would
really rather not say, but how could he refuse that odd smile anything? So an
answer was given that would suffice.

"Oh just the past…. Ya know."

"Yeah, I know, every night." Murdock looked a little distant for the briefest
of moments, as the shadows of the past crossed his face. "Ya know, they say it
gets better, time heals n all that."

"Some things, it just makes worse." Murdock nodded his agreement.

"Still, it's gotta stop sometime, you gotta keep tellin' yourself that, or
you'll end up rooming with me, n I got a head start on ya there." That was it,
just there, Face loved the sunny disposition Murdock placed his life in, how
could he let him down now?

"Oh I'm sure I'd catch up, guess it wouldn't be so bad, those nurses could give
me therapy any day, people talk about me, but you're the one who has them all
wrapped around your little finger, I've seen the way you play up to 'em."
Murdock shone a winning grin.

"I know, it's an art I learnt from a good friend."

"Don't get too complacent, you're no master yet."

"Is that a hint of insecurity I hear?"

"No it's a hint of wanting to go back to sleep, I know you too well and you're
not keeping me up all night with your whacked out theories." Face lightly
pushed Murdock back, his T-shirt so soft between his fingers.

"Whacked out? I'll have you know they're all gospel. People have been known to
worship me from far and wide for my theories."

"Real people?"

"Real to me." Face gave him a stern look of not going for it. "Well they are."

"Night Murdock."

"Night night, sweet dreams." None could have been sweeter, but Face was happy
enough, he still had his friend, which was as good as it was going to get. He
promised himself that there was a sunny disposition in everything, and quite
often, Murdock *was* everything. Face closed his eyes, conscious of the action
this time and more aware of his surroundings then ever, he wouldn't slip up
again, he wouldn't do that to Murdock.

"Murdock? *you* ok?"

"Yeah, but I'm working my way up to just fine." Face smiled and drifted back to
a new dream.

The end.

Coming next: Behind the Cup a Joe's


Opposite The Cup A Joe's by Cabaret



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