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I'll Never Find Another You

I'll never find another you 1/1 2000
By Susan Owens


H.M Murdock sat in the living room of the new house Face had scan. Today had been his birthday. Yes they had celabrated it after helping their client. But he just could not get that picture out of his mind .Face was kissing a girl .That girl was all over Face. Murdock just wanted to yank her off of Face. He knew it was just a scan but he was jesleos. Hannibal and BA had return the client son to his parents and Face had something inportant to do.So Murdock was alone.

Suddenly the door open and Face walk in carry a guitar.

"Hi Murdock"

"Hi replied Murdock but not in a very good mood.

Face noticed this "What wrong Murdock ? Why so gloomy on your birthday?"

Murdock just shook his head "Face I'm sorry but I just hate to see you kissing that girl it made me feel sick inside."

Face sat down on the sofa with Murdock and took his hand. "Murdock you know that was only a scan .That girl meant nothing to me. I love you ."

"I know it just that ."

'Wait Murdock before you say anything more let me give you your birthday present."

Murdock watched as Face pick up the guitar and began to play and with a clear and crisp voice began to sing.

"There a new world somewhere,they called it the promise land,and I'll be there some day if you will hold my hand. I still need you here beside me ,no matter what I do ,for I know I'll never find another you

There is always someone for me is what they say and to be my someone forever and a day. I could search the whole world over until my life is thought .But I know I'll never find another you.

It a long long journey so stay by my side. When I walk thought the stars you're be my guide,be my guide.

If they gave me a fortune . My fortne would be small.I could lose it all tomorrow and never mind at all. But if I should lose youe love Murdock I don't know what I do for I know I'll never find another you.oooo another you.

Face hit the last note and smiled at Murdock who was crying.

"Murdock what wrong?"

Murdock wipe his tears oh Face that was so beauiful .Thank you so much for that wonderful birthday present."

Face pulled Murdock into his arm ."You are welcome Murdock."


"Yeah Murdock."

"I love you"

"I love you too Murdock " and at that Face kissed Murdock .

The End

I'll Never Find Another You by Susie Owens



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