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BA's Valentine's Day

BA's Valentine's Day....Orrrr How to Release The Teddy Bear Inside
by Georgia Bentz

Rated G

Summary: We've all seen the growly scowly side of BA. Now's the time to see his romantic and gentle side. BA's got Valentine's Day under control....Or does his wife? Let's find out shall we? Set in the year 2001...It's Feb. 14th, it's been nine years since they've had their pardons and they are still settling into not being on the run.....
Author's notes: Send comments and/suggestions.
Disclaimer: The A-Team doesn't belong to me...Cause if they did Murdock and BA'd be alll mine. They belong to the great wondrous Stephen J. Cannell I thank him for letting me scam these characters out of a dusty box!...:D

Now onto the story


BA Baracus puttered around the kitchen She was going to show any time now and he needed to be ready. He got out the casserole and he then went to the closet. He pulled two boxes from it, and then he waited. Normally Rachael would be cooking for him, but since she had night classes it was up to BA to start cooking.

So he decided to take cooking classes along with working at the Youth Center and teaching rudimentary mechanics to willing students. He smiled at the thought of how he and Rachael had met.

She'd just moved into the apartments, Mama Baracus still lived at. He himself had just gotten a pardon and had moved back to Chicago. He'd accidentally bumped into her, almost knocking her flat on her back.

He was smitten. She had caramel skin and green eyes. There was an instant kinship and gradually it'd blossomed to love. Her parents weren't too keen on the idea at first, til her father found out that BA was a veteran like himself, and her mother found out that he was quite handy around the house, and could fix anything in sight.

After they married they'd decided to move back to LA, around the rest of the Team. And now that they'd been married for a year BA wasn't so gruff. All the guys had commented on how domestic BA had gotten. BA smiled and knew it was true. True he still grumped, but Rachael knew how to handle him.

More often then not she generally put him in his place too. He didn't mind. It was good to have someone boss him around. He grinned at himself and waited for her soft treads to come to his still sensitive ears. He could hear her from a mile away. That and she jangled her car keys every time she came into the house.

He arranged the table, he'd picked some flowers up from the florist and had bought a very nice card for her. He glanced at the clock and knew that the time was fast approaching. He took off the half apron and pulled out her chair.

Soon the jangling of car keys sounded and he had to keep his body from springing up and running to her, and enveloping her in a hug.

"Bosco? Where are you?"

BA's ears perked up.

"I'm inna kitch'n Rach."

He called back.

"Okay then. I'll be there shortly.

Have I got some good news for you."

He smiled. He had something for her too. He hoped she liked what he was doing. He couldn't wait to see her face. She appeared in the kitchen wearing a feminine black suit with a ruffled shirt underneath, her hair was in a free flowing pony-tail with barrettes
on the sides. Her green eyes sparkled.

She smelled of White Diamonds the Elizabeth Taylor perfume. Heavenly that's what BA had dubbed the scent. He loved how she
smelled. He finally got up out of the chair and his face split wide open into a grin.


The rest of what he was gonna say was lost in the hug and kiss.... She smiled. She loved Bosco Baracus with all her heart. She kissed him back and reluctantly pulled away. She saw the flowers and the casserole which was still steaming.

"You did all this for me Bosco?"

BA smiled.

"Yeh. Like it?"

She nodded too stunned to say anything.

"Oh Bosco. It's beautiful. You're so romantic.

Did you bake this for me?

Did you?"

She bent down and gingerly touched the petals of all the flowers.

"My favorite flowers. Daisies.....

Oh Bosco."

She started to cry and BA felt really shy and nervous all of a sudden. He stood beside her. He wrapped an arm around her.

"Awww Rach.

Don' cry li'l Mama.

It's goin' ta be okay...."

She wiped her tears and looked up at him.

"I'm just so happy.

Bosco you're just too romantic.

Very romantic.

I love this side of you."

BA blushed and seated her. He sat beside her and dished out the casserole. Watching as she ate.

He ate some himself and once they were finished he put the dishes in the sink and then he gave her her presents. She hadn't spoken a word since she'd eaten dinner. She was impressed. Blown away even. She reached over and said,

"You don't know how much this means to me Bosco.

My most favorite flowers, presents, a casserole even.

Oh Bosco....Oh Bosco what am I to do with you?"

BA blushed even more....He stared down at the table. Not sure what to say or do even. Until she pulled him into a very romantic kiss. He gave her the boxes and again her eyes welled up in tears. She opened them and from the first box she pulled out a blue strapless nightgown with a matching longsleeved see through blue silk robe.

From the second box she reached down and pulled out.....A note. He smiled and got up from his seat. He escorted her out of her seat, and led her to the outside. Again there was a note:

"Rach. Go ta th' back door....Gotta s'prise fo' ya."

She went to the door, by this time BA had disappeared. He led Rachael all over the house til she ended up back inside in the living

He'd turned all the lights off and had lit some candles. Soft music was playing in the background, he turned to face her and he grinned. White teeth showing up against a dark mouth.

She smiled back her eyes still sparkling. He held out his arms, and she ran into them. He hugged her then slid an arm around her waist, took a hand, and they start to dance. She laid a head against his shoulder. She closed her eyes and let the music sweep her away. BA kissed her hair, and danced around the room with her.

She looked up at him and smiled.

"I didn't know you could dance.

In fact I thought you said something about you not being able to dance?"

He smiled.

"I been takin' priv'te lessons from Faceman an' Amy.

They taught me how ta dance. An' now we dancin' part'a my surprise foh ya Rach."

Genuinely surprised, Rachael looked up at him and grinned.

"You mean there's more?

What more could I ask for Bosco?

I've got everything I need right here.

You and me, family all around us....."

Her voice trailed off as BA held up his hands and kissed her gently.

"More where that come from Rach."

She looked up at him and wondered what it was. He sat her back down on the couch and he stuck his head outside the front door, and whistled. Soon some violinists came in through the door. They sat down and soon they were serenading the couple.

Again BA took her into his arms, and they danced to Rachael's favorite music. Classical music streamed forth from the violins.
Finally they stopped, and the violinists left.

The couple sat down on the couch looking lovingly in each others' eyes. BA had Rachael wrapped in an embrace and soon he got up again.

"Be right back, this ain't ova yet."

She shook her head and watched as he again left her. He came back a few minutes later and soon a roaring fire was in their fireplace, a blanket was spread out on the floor marshmallows were brought in, and they were both in front of the fire in seconds.

Wrapped in an embrace just watching the fire. She leaned her head against his broad muscular chest. She looked up at him.


He looked at her his eyes shining with love.

"Yeh Rach? Wha' idit?"

"Bosco remember when I said I had some good news? He nodded waiting for her to continue.

Well would you like to have children by this time next year?"

He looked down at her not registering for a split second, then his face broke out into a wide grin.

"Rach? Ya sayin' what I think ya sayin'?" She nodded.

"We've been triply blessed Bosco."

He hugged her again.

"You made me th' happ'est man in da worl'.

Oh Rach.

Thank ya so much!"

She grinned.

"Well it does take two to make babies you know.

You did have a part in this."

He put a hand on her stomach.


He whispered.

He bent down and kissed her stomach then traced his lips back up to her lips. Kissing her neck and then he laid his head on her head that was still resting on himself.

They sat in silence and ate marshmallows, though Rachael ate the popcorn that had been sneaked in. Neither saying a word but loving the rest of the Valentine's Day. Reveling in each others' love.

The End. :)

BAs Valentines Day by Georgia Bentz



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