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Title: Wrong Target

Wrong Target

by Dana


Rating: PG

Warnings: Injured character and the usual angst.

Summary: An accidental shooting may shatter a friendship.

Author's note: I was listening to the 80s channel and that's where the song comes from in part one. 

Author's note: This fic ignores The Gray Team.  Never felt the episode did anything for the show.  I think the only thing important

from the episode was that we finally met Erica.  Let's all pretend it didn't happen.  Like I do!

Disclaimer: Stephen J. Cannell owns the A-Team and all associated characters.  I claim everyone else.





"Forgive me Father for I have sinned.  It's been…Wait that's not right.  I'm not Catholic.  But my friend is."


"It's all right my son."  The priest said.  "What have you done?"


"I shot my best friend."




Part 1


48 hours earlier


Templeton 'Faceman' Peck stared out the window.  All he could see was the clouds below them.  He and the rest of the A-Team were on their way to Vancouver British Columbia Canada on yet another mission.  He sighed as he tried to get comfortable in the seat.  He went back to listening to his Walkman.  Playing was Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi.  'How appropriate.'  He thought.  That's how the whole situation felt sometimes. He wondered why he hadn't grabbed his classical tapes. 


This was the first big mission they had been on since he was shot at Villa Cuchina a couple months before.  They had been on missions since then but they had been small simple ones.


"Murdock said we are about an hour away."  John 'Hannibal' Smith said sitting in the seat next to him.


Face nodded as he hit stop on his Walkman.  Frankie Santana was sitting across from them.  BA Baracas was sitting, strapped down, behind them.  It was always the same routine.  Sometimes Face would play gin with Frankie or sometimes sit up front and talk to Murdock or do what he was doing now relaxing by listening to a tape.  However this time it was Bon Jovi and not Bach.


Face got up and went to the front of the plane.




At the front of the airplane, Murdock gazed out ahead of him.  The flight was going smoothly for once.  They should land in Vancouver right on schedule. 


He looked over as Face sat down in the co-pilot's seat.  "Hey Face.  BA still sleeping?" 




There was silence for a few seconds before Murdock started telling one of his strange stories.  It was mostly to fill in the silence.  Their friendship had gone through a lot the past year.  During the week of Thanksgiving, Murdock hadn't told him that AJ Bancroft was his father until after Bancroft had died.  Then just two months before he was shot at the restaurant Murdock worked at.  He almost died that night and Murdock blamed himself for it.  No matter how many times he was told, it wasn't his fault he still blamed himself.



Part 2


About an hour later the team landed in Vancouver.  They were ushered into a van.  BA was still unconscious.  A man joined them.  "I'm Abel 33.  I'm one of Stockwell's operatives in Canada.  Did he tell you about Carter?"  They nodded.  "He's already made a move to take over the company.  And as you know if he does it will lead to trouble for not only Canada but also the United States.  As far as we can tell he is still planning to smuggle weapons into the county."


"We'll stop him don't worry."  Hannibal said.


BA was waking up.  "Where am I?"  He looked around in bewilderment.  "This ain't our van Hannibal."  He growled out.


"You are right.  It isn't."


"Then where are we?"  He looked out the window and saw a sign with the speed limit in kilometers instead of miles.  "We're in Canada!  You put me on a plane!"  He was so angry he grabbed the person that was closest to him which was Frankie.  "I'm going to make you all pay for drugging me and putting me on a plane."


"Stop that now Sergeant!"  Hannibal ordered.  "We have a mission to do.  We don't have time for this."


BA let go of Frankie and leaned back with a glare in his eyes but he didn't say anything.




A few hours later the team was listening in on pre-recorded tapes of Michael Carter discussing his plan on the phone with someone else. 


"Is that enough Johnny?  I mean if it is they could have just sent it to us."  Frankie said. 


"No it's not enough.  We need to capture Carter too."  Hannibal said.


"So what's the plan Hannibal?"  Murdock asked.


"We go through the front door of course."  Hannibal said lighting a cigar.


"Of course."  Face and Murdock said.


"He's on the jazz."  BA said.




Later that night they entered the warehouse armed with guns.  The men seated at a table jumped up reaching for their guns.  "Stop right there and keep your hands up."  Hannibal ordered.  They did as they were told.  "Where's Carter?"


"Who?"  One of them asked.


"Carter.  We know that this is his warehouse so where is he?"


"He ain't here."  Another man said.  "He's in Manitoba on business."


"Shut up Brent!"  The first man yelled.


"Call him for us Brent."  Hannibal instructed.


Brent nodded and took the phone.  He quickly dialed.  "Sir we've got visitors here asking about you.  Yes sir I told them you were in Manitoba but they are still here."


Hannibal was growing suspicious of this phone conversation.  He quickly scanned the warehouse.  "Face and Murdock go upstairs and check it out."  The two left.




When Murdock and Face reached the top of the stairs, they found it empty.  From years of experience they knew they had to be cautious.  Face went one way Murdock went another.


Face entered a room that had the lights off.  He felt around for a light switch and finally found one.  He kept his gun in one hand and flicked the switch on with the other.  He saw a room full of people with guns pointed at him.


"Drop your gun."  One of them ordered.  Face did what he was told.


"Carter I presume?"  Face asked.  The man who had spoken just smirked.




Murdock stopped when he heard Face talking loudly and hurried in the direction of his voice.  He looked into the room and saw Face standing there in front of people with guns.  They hadn't seen him yet.  He had his gun pointed at the man talking to Face.


Face, not knowing Murdock was behind him, continued talking hoping to get some answers.  But Carter didn't seem to care. The men were now advancing on him.


"Take him downstairs.  I want to know who they are and why they are here."


As soon as one of the men was close enough Murdock fired a warning shot not intending to hit anyone.  Unfortunately it did.


The man who had grabbed Face's arm saw Murdock.  He pulled Face over as quickly as he could.  Murdock didn't see the man doing so.  His gun went off.


Face was spun around so fast he couldn't stop the man.  He felt something hit him.  As he was collapsing to the ground he finally saw Murdock.


Murdock dropped his gun in horror. 


The rest of the team had heard the gun go off and had wasted no time running up the stairs.  They had already tied up the men that were downstairs. 


BA quickly shoved Murdock out of the way.  He ran over to Carter and pulled him up.  "You shot my friend!"


"I did no such thing.  That man in a leather jacket did."


"You're lying."  BA said ready to punch Carter in the jaw.


Hannibal looked at the men who either stood or were sitting calmly.  He picked up his walky talky.  "We found Carter.  We also need an ambulance."  He turned towards Murdock and was about to ask him what happened when he noticed Murdock's state.  The captain had gone very pale was shaking hard.  Frankie was checking Face's condition.



Part 3


"How is he Frank?" Hannibal asked.

"They shot him in the chest." Frankie answered with a voice full of worry. "He's struggling to breathe."

Murdock stood there motionless now. BA was eyeing him warily. Carter kept saying Murdock had shot Face. But he knew that was preposterous.

"Hang on Face. Hannibal called for an ambulance." Frankie said.

Face just groaned.

Murdock couldn't move. He wanted to check Face but he too was scared to. He couldn't believe he just shot Face. How would Face ever forgive him? How could he forgive himself?

BA went over and picked Face up as carefully as he could. He was shocked by the amount of blood Face had lost in such a short amount of time.

"BA we should wait for the stretcher. You might injure him worse." Hannibal said gun still pointed at Carter and his men.

BA, not wanting to hurt his little brother any more then he was, put Face gently back on the floor.

Abel 33 came into the room and surveyed it before signaling for two men with a stretcher to come in. They carefully put Face onto the stretcher. "Thanks for your help Colonel Smith. We'll take it from here." He said and more Abel's came into the room.

Murdock walked over to them slowly. "Murdock we need to know what happened." Hannibal said as they followed Face's stretcher down the stairs.

Murdock remained silent for a moment before saying, "I shot him."

"You did what?" BA asked in disbelief.

"I...I hadn't meant to. I fired a warning shot and he was moved into the line of fire." Murdock's eyes never left the stretcher.

When they got outside Hannibal turned to BA. "I'm going to ride in the ambulance with Face you guys follow in the van." Hannibal looked at Murdock who was shaking again and looked like he was about to fall apart. "Murdock it wasn't your fault." He said and then got into the ambulance.

The ride to the hospital was almost silent in the van except for Abel 33, who sat in the passenger seat, on the phone with Stockwell. Murdock was mumbling to himself. BA was driving and kept glancing toward the back of the van. Frankie didn't know what to say or do so he stared straight ahead.

When they got to Saint Paul's Hospital, they found Hannibal pacing in the emergency room.




Wrong Target 1-3 by Dana