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Title: Stolen Moments (Tentative Title)

Stolen Moments (Tentative Title)
by Dana

Rating: PG
Warnings: Injured characters so far.
Summary: How can you forget a friend?
Disclaimer: Stephen J. Cannell owns A-Team.
Author's note: If this seems off let me know. I hand wrote this part while sitting at SFO from 4:45-8:15.


Part 1


A man sat up with a gasp and looked around at his surroundings. He
was lying on an airplane seat and covered with blankets. He didn't
know why he was there or why there were people staring at him. One
of them got up and walked over to him. "How are you doing?" He
started checking the bandages on his arm and head. "You've been out
for several hours." The man continued without waiting for him to
answer. "We weren't sure if you'd wake up before BA had to be
sedated. He said indicating a man with a Mohawk and a lot of

He smiled at him. 'BA.' He looked around as his head started to
clear. Frankie was talking to Stockwell on the TV. Murdock wasn't
there. He was most likely flying the plane. He turned back and
looked at the man smiling at him. Why couldn't he remember him? He
just ignored it thinking he'd remember when his head cleared.

"What happened?" He finally asked.

BA and the other man exchanged looks. "You fell down the stairs."
The man answered.

"Are you okay? Do you need anything?" BA asked. He shook his head.

BA and the other man walked away. But he could still hear them. "I
don't know man. He doesn't look well at all. What are we going to
do Face?"

'Face?' That name didn't ring any bells and Hannibal didn't know
why. He watched as BA gently pushed Face into a seat mumbling
something about his ankle as he propped Face's ankle up. Hannibal
shook his head in amazement. That was the longest BA had been
conscious on a plane for years.

BA came back over to him and sat in his s eat again. Hannibal stared
at him. "You're shocked to see me awake aren't you?" He asked.
Hannibal nodded. "With you and Face down someone has to keep Murdock
and Frankie in line." BA grinned. "Don't worry about Face. It's
just sprained. He needs to stay off it but he won't. You know Face."

Hannibal wished he did.




Stolen Moments 1 by Dana