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Title: A Facial Fasard

A Facial Fasard
by Cabaret

Rating: R
Warning: Angst, quite heavy angst
Summary: After Leslie Becktall leaves Face, here's some thoughts as he leaves to join the army
Authors Notes: This was originally written from my POV, but reading back saw the Face connection.
Disclaimer: The A Team are not mine, never will be, I gain nothing from this except a release.
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A Facial Fasard

Am I so, so repulsive?

Does my clean flesh reek and crawl?

Why my magnet then on negative?

Why can I not draw and become seductive?

Questions I throw upon myself

As the mirror claws upon my anxieties.

I doubt my so called abilities,

But how can I be whole?

When she has left me, left me alone.

I gave her my soul, yet what they call

What now I describe scribe upon my heart.

What now is shattered. Choice.

My choice, I took the safe,

Or at the time it seemed so right.

My soul is heavy that lies beneath her,

Now my choice becomes my burden,

And oh how my mind aches in dull

Run through me, again, again.

Oh how taught can my tether be?

Show me a release (begging now)

Show me a path, glint me my way,

The here is low leveled longing

(Comfort found in pain). The pain I hold for you.

I'm told the light is inside me,

Like the maggot burying deep, (consummation)

I believe it's you, it won't be me.

Tie me tight, hold down within.

But through you I guess I'll be alone,

Yet safe.

The End

A Facial Fasard - Poem by Cabaret



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