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Yes this is ateam related

Yes this is ateam related. The two are BA and Face. I didn't want to
tell, but I have to prove this is ateam. It's my first slash ever.

Melisa (Murdock's Crazylady)

Secret Lovers

Here we go again
I turn and your not looking
but I know you were staring
I sensed your smile
I felt your eyes going up and down
checking my body out

you know I love you
but we can't let them know
you'd never be able to live it down
'what would mama say if she knew I loved another man?'
I know it's your way of saying you're scared to come out
but dammit, it still feels like an excuse

Me? I don't care about my rep
it can be smeared into a smudge for all I care
If you can forget what anyone else will think
and kiss me like you do in private times
when we're out in public
don't be afraid to show me love
to hug me and hold me tight
just because you feel like it

I can't give you up
and I can live with it,
the fact that our love is secret
please put some thought into it
I came out of that dark closet
years ago I know how scary it is
To admit to your friends and family
the one you love is not a woman

But it's all worth it
I love you and love is all that matters
my heart belongs to you and it always will
secret or not

When you get the guts
I'll be there to hold your hand, squeeze it tight
when you make your way from denial's darkness
and you come into truth's light
when you make your way from the secrecy
to loving and caressing me
freely and publicly
not caring who sees
we'll be without shame and embarrassment
and in our hearts we'll always be
and no more will we be forced to be
Secret Lovers

Secret Lovers - Poem by Melisa (Murdock's Crazylady)



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