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Title: Flying External

Flying External
by Cabaret

Rating: R
Warning: Minor angst at start, but definite 'feel good factor'!
Summary: Sequel to 'Flying Internal', Murdock meets Hannibal.
Disclaimer: The A Team are not mine, never will be, they remain other people's property.
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Flying External
By Cabaret

For Sprokett

So you think you're an angel?

So let's get you closer to God,

S'not so hard with this path mapped out.

You want me imploded, that's it huh?

Get a heart choke from my parts

kicking up dust as I scatter,

And you still smoking, your halo much tarnished.

So why the grin so ever present?

As you clutch to my frame, shakin' you out.

But you don't need it, you're already there

Laughing in the blast of this enraged holocaust.

I shrug to myself and bank to the flames

He grins and shouts 'lower!' Try to take my crown?!

I suture my sanctuary and push his command

He pushes me out, but I'm already there.

Shouting my faith, the only one I see

Internal goes out, a survival to be.

Welcome to my world, now give spaces,

Take flight in my wake, I'll keep you from grave's graces.

You want to keep the others too? Who'll keep me?

A team to try my playing skills?

What's the catch, they were once dead

'Jazz' they smile, 'Just the Jazz'.

Then external is me, no more the inside

You want chaos? Here have mine!

Kick back the dust, that Sprokett's inside

Fueling me hope, to fly my return,

A kingdom of me.


Flying Internal - Poem by Cabaret
Flying External - Poem by Cabaret



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