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Title Bushel and a Peck

Bushel and a Peck 

by Susie 


Rated R 

Summary silly  

Warning Murdock and Face have sex  

Disclaimer :Don't own them 

Copyright 2002 

Author notes My daddy used to sing this .LOL  


Face just got done taking a bath. Murdock was waiting in bed for him. He pulled back the covers so Face could see him in all his glory.  

"Come and get it, Face .Its time for zuch"  

"Time for what ?  


"What is that ?" wondered Face.  


"Just climb in bed and see. "  

Face jumped into bed, and Murdock grabbed him and started making love to him. Suddenly Murdock started singing.  

"I love Face. A bushel and a peck. A peck and a bushel and a hug around the dirty neck."  

Face looked up from their love making.  

"Hey, my neck is not dirty."  

"Yes, it is, Face .You must have missed it."  

Face got up and looked into the mirror. Murdock was right.  

"Damn, how did I miss my neck?"  

Murdock got out and walked over to Face and put his  arms around his shoulders.  

"Don't worry darlin' . Let Doc Murdock take you into that nice hot shower and wash that old neck of yours."  

"Okay, Murdock, and then will you show me more of Zuch?"  

"Face, honey, I will show you Zuch and Zippy."  

Face smiled. "Zippy sounds like fun."  

Face and Murdock entered the shower and Murdock bathed and Zuched and Zippied Face through the whole thing. When they were done, Murdock carried Face out of the shower and into their bed because Face lost it when Murdock Zippied him.  

"Face, you okay?"  

Face look up at his lover . "Murdock that was so invigorating . I love it when you Zippy me. Do it some more, please."  

"Your wish is my command." He then climbed on the bed and Zippied Face. Face was so happy, he sang real loud.  

"I love Murdock a bushel and a peck. A peck and  bushel and a hug around the dirty neck."  


The End 



Bushel And A Peck by Susie Owens



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