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Title: My Opinion of the A-Team

My Opinion of the A-Team
by Dana

Rating: G
Warnings: Injured character
Summary: Stockwell tells someone about the A-Team after one nearly gets killed.
Author's note: This fic is written as if Stockwell is talking to someone. Pick a person he's telling it to. Well it's not a team member that's for sure. But I'm not giving them a name.
Second author's note: This is sort of my opinion on season 5, the characters, and Stockwell.
Episode Spoilers: Without Reservations script and episode wise.
Disclaimer: Stephen J. Cannell owns all characters in this fic.


You want to know what I think of the A-Team? I think I can give you
the answers you've been looking for. I've been observing them for
close to five years now.

Colonel Decker can easily tell you that the way to get the team is to
trap Peck first because he easily falls for beautiful women. But I
didn't go that route when I went after the team. I went for Smith.
I had employees at all the studios knowing that Smith did films.
Smith was injured filming his newest movie so I was able to go in and
kidnap him from the hospital. I was able to convince him to take my
mission and go to Spain in hopes of clearing their names. I did not
tell them it was all a set up. They fell right into my trap.

Why am I telling you this? For the simple reason that one of them
almost died twice in a week. Once in a plane crash and once in a
restaurant. The plane crash is another story if you want to know
about it then I'll tell you another time. The restaurant shooting
happened last night and that's where they are right now. That's
where they are spending their time off. I can understand that but
when those two weeks over they are back to work with or without Peck.

It's amazing how well they work together. They are all quite
different. First there's Colonel John `Hannibal' Smith. There's a
man you don't want to get mad. He's a good leader and is always
concerned about his men. He was in two wars and I think that if they
hadn't been arrested after the bank job he would have stayed in the

Sergeant BA Baracas may have a fear of flying but he's a strong
fighter. You've never seen him fight but if Peck or Murdock,
especially Peck, were having a hard time in the fight, he'd go to
their rescue. He's a good mechanic and he loves kids. Last night
was hard on him from what I hear. He was at the restaurant but had
no idea that there was danger there. If things were differently,
he'd probably be in Chicago running a kid's center.

Then there's Captain HM Murdock. I seriously don't think he was
insane to begin with. If he was, it wasn't as bad as he let on. It
worked for them. He's another guy you don't want to mess with. But
you wouldn't know that by looking at him. He's rather protective of
Peck. He showed it when he found out who Face's father was. And
also last night really shook him up and he gave me an earful about
letting them stay there. If the team hadn't been arrested I think he
would have continued to be a pilot and him and Peck would have still
been friends.

Lieutenant Templeton Peck is probably the most vulnerable member of
the team. He's even more vulnerable then Murdock. He's the youngest
of the four original members of the team. They don't know he's
younger then Baracas but I've seen the paper work. He's a good con
artist I'll give him that. I've heard some of the stuff he's pulled
off. So have you I'm sure. He takes after his father that's for
sure on that regard. What makes him the most vulnerable? For a con
artist he doesn't have that much self-confidence. He looks for
approval especially from Smith. Smith uses it sometimes to motivate
him. He also doesn't always use his head. To be honest, if I had a
choice I wouldn't have allowed Peck to work for me. Just isn't the
kind of person I want working for me. he probably would have gone
back to college if things were different.

The last member of the group is Frankie Santana. I forced him into
this mess. I had him spy on the team. He unfortunately refuses to
do that anymore. He's arrogant but good at special affects.

They are a good team. Best men I've got. The pardons won't be
coming though. They are too good of a group to let go.

You want to hear about the plane crash? Well it will have to wait
till another time. Seems Peck has woken up. You know the way out I

The end

My Opinion Of The A-Team by Dana