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Title: The Real VA Con

The Real VA Con
by Hayley May

Rated: G
Summary: Just a short piece on the real VA con. Face, in another disguise,
goes in to get Murdock out.
Warnings: None other then the fact it's my first A-Team story.
Disclaimer: I don't own them, Stephen J. Canell does.


"Hi, I'm Doctor Radcliff and I'm here for an appointment with one of your

Blue eyes, cute smile, nicely dressed, best looking Doctor I've ever seen.
I look up from my desk at him, but don't smile, that would be
unprofessional. Since when did nurses smile? He grins broadly regardless
and hands me his business card. Doctor Adrian Radcliff, I read. Well the
picture definitely is him.

Nodding, I hand the card back and find the book with all the appointments

"Which patient?" I ask in my usual stern voice.

"Captain H. M. Murdock."

Arh yes, Captain Murdock, the crazy yet brilliant former pilot who was a
firm favourite with so many people working in this wing, as well as a
favourite of mine. Out of all the veterans we have here, Murdock is perhaps
the sanest, or the least insane, although his sometimes strange and
eccentric behaviour would suggest other wise and he does have an annoying
habit of disappearing for days on end. On the other hand, like a cat that
knows who feeds it, Murdock always comes back.

I flick through the book wondering once again why Murdock does not have a
separate book since he has more visitors then most of the other patients put

"I'm sorry Doctor, but the appointment isn't recorded here."

A frown crossed the handsome face of the young doctor.

"Are you totally sure," I see him peering down at my badge, "Miss Cleaver.
You see I was certain I had an appointment with the Captain today and I've
come down here specially to see him. In fact I had to cut sort my holiday
plans… wait a moment, I have a letter here from a Doctor Richter… maybe I
could see him and get this sorted out."

I glance at the letter and sure enough, it had Doctor Richter's signature at
the bottom.

"I'm sorry sir, but Doctor Richter is currently away on holiday this week."

"What?" The surprise on his face seemed genuine... mental note, 'seemed'.
"Are you sure?"

"Positive sir, he left yesterday morning."

"Great, this is all I need." He sighed. "Do you think I could have just a
short amount of time with the Captain? I would hate for this to be a wasted
trip and Doctor Richter said he would be a perfect case for my study."

"What study is that, sir?"

"An investigation into patients with invisible friends or animals.
Apparently Captain Murdock has an invisible dog name Billy or something…" he
waved his hand around in a vague fashion but quickly realised that his charm
was not about to work on me that easily.

Sighing deeply, he gave up and leant down to the table in front of me.

"Look," he continued candidly, "I need to see Captain Murdock. If I don't
return with some kind of evidence that I've been here then my wife is going
to kill me. She already thinks the worst of me since I spend so much time
at work. If I don't talk to the Captain then I'm history."

His blue eyes are pleading and in some ways so pathetic.

"Okay," I breathe giving in, "I can give you up to ten minutes. Captain
Murdock's room is just down the corridor there."

"Thank you so much," he smiles gratefully. "You don't know how much this
means to me."

I roll my eyes as he walks away, but tip my head slightly at the sight of
that gorgeous backside. Strange, I know a lot of Doctor's, but very few
look just that good in a suit.

Two minutes later I look up from using the phone to find Doctor Radcliff
wheeling Murdock out in a chair, the pilot babbling something about Bill
wanting some fresh air.

I open my mouth to stop them, but the young Doctor cuts me off as they hurry

"Talking Billy for a walk," he calls out, gone before I could properly

Closing my mouth, I smile to myself. Invisible friends indeed. How stupid
does he think I am? One week a priest, the next a quarantine enforcer, now
a research doctor, the excuses get more and more ridicules every time and as
for the disguises, how many times do the A-Team think they can get away with
this before someone starts putting two and two together? Not everyone here
believes they are innocent. One day someone else is going recognise Peck,
and god help us all if that Colonel Decker turns up again. Maybe I should
warn them?

I smile slightly as I remember just how good he looks from the back.

On the other hand, seeing Faceman squirm as I push his cons to the limit
whist knowing the truth, is always so much fun, and that's the real VA con.


The End

The Real VA Con by Hayley May



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