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Title: Playing With Cars

Playing With Cars
by Why Me of course. J/K. Georgia Bentz.

Rated: G

Summary: In honor of Wallygator's sharing of the Insanity test that
has that great sound effect (Which I'm playing in honor of her test
and of my insanity), WallyGator this is for you and the other
Warnings: Nothing just pure fluff....
Author's note: Set in the year 2000. Murdock's got his own compy.
Now.....Onto....The Story....

Murdock sat playing around on the computer. He was surfing the 'net.
A rare occurrence since he'd had kids, but he took advantage of the
silence and surfed to his heart's content. He was looking up race
cars, and found a very neat picture of one. He kept looking through
the various pictures and all of a sudden he started feeling silly.

He grinned looked over his shoulder and started to make up sound
effects...."Baaaaaaaaahhhhhmmmmmmm Baaaaaaahhhhhhhhmmmmmm....

Ring ding ba-dam bbbbbiddddyyyy Baaaahhhhhmmmmmmmmm......"

Grinning all the more he started to do it faster and faster.

He started swaying from side to side as if he were in a real race
car, he balled his hands around a 'steering wheel' faster and faster
he went screaming the sound effects with all his might.

"Dilllloooonnnnnn Sqqqqqqqquuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaakkkkkkkk.....

Baaaahhhhhhhmmmmmm riiiinnnggg ddiiinnnnnngggg....

aaaaaaahhhhh...... SQQQQQUUUUUEEEAAAAKKKK..........."

Over and over faster and faster he was almost nearing the finish line
when he was tapped on the shoulder. He looked up and found his 15
year old son looking at him with a bemused smile on his face.
Murdock stopped playing around and got all serious. He exited the
chair and his son soon turned off the race car pictures and did his
homework. Meanwhile under his breath Murdock repeated the race car



Playing With Cars by Georgia Bentz



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