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Title: BA 's Surprise 1/1

BA's Surprise

by Sasi (Susie) with a little part from Flight


Rated G

Summary: A surprise

Warning: None

Disclaimer: I don't own them

Copyright: 2001

Author notes Sasi was a nickname given to me by Pat and Red . I hope you enjoy. Happy BA Baracus Week 



BA Baracus was in a good mood .He was happy. Today was going to be wonderful, nothing was going to make him upset today. Face had arranged a way for him to see his mama ,yes everything was right with the world until he step outside and saw he beloved van gone . 


BA ran over to where he knew he had park his van last night but it wasn't there . He ran up and down the street looking for his van . He was angry and upset at the same time . Someone had stolen his beloved van and someone would pay dearly. 


BA ran back inside his temporary apartment and called Hannibal at the studio. 




"Hannibal! Someone stole ma van ." 


"Calm down BA .Now what did you say ?" 


"I said someone stole ma van . We got to find ma van and the sucker who took it .He going to pay Hannibal." 


Hannibal put his hand on the phone and turn to Face who was there . "Face we better get over there and calm BA down before Murdock gets back." 


Face nodded his head . "I'll get my car." 


"BA, we are on our way to help you find your van." 


"Hurry Hannibal. Who knows what is being done to ma van." 




Murdock walked around the van .He had never seen it shine so well . He could see his face in it . 


"You like ?" 


Murdock looked at the little man Mr. Ibez . 


"Yes ,yes I do . You did a great job Mr. Ibez ." 


"I am so glad you like 


Murdock did indeed like the way the van sparkled and shone, he glanced at Mr. Ibez, paid him . They shook hands. He threw the keys into the air caught them and he hopped into the van .  


He knew BA would be angry because he took his van . But he also knew all would be forgiven once BA saw his van. 


Face pulled up in front of BA .BA grab a hold of Face's collar, "Get out and let me drive .I got to find ma van." 


Face pulled away ."Oh no. There is no way you are driving my vette." 


BA growled . "I ain't got time for this Face, ma van in trouble."


He toss Face roughly in the back of the vette and started up the car. Just as he drove away Murdock pulled up. 


BA looked out the side view window and saw his van and Murdock get out of it..


BA made a u-turn and headed back . He got out of Face's car and headed towards Murdock.. 


Murdock stood there smiling at him. "Hey BA .Surpri.... " 


Murdock landed hard on the ground with BA standing over him . "You better have a good reason for taken my van sucker." 


Murdock got up and move his jaw to make sure it was still in one piece.  "I m sorry BA. I just wanted to surprise you by having your van clean and polish by Mr. Ibez .He 's one of the best ." 


BA looked at Murdock then at his van .His van was beautiful whoever Mr. Ibez was he did a great job he smiled . Murdock noticed the smile and went to the van. 


"See BA it's great isn't it ?" 


BA looked at Murdock . "Yeah fool it looks nice ."  


He suddenly grab Murdock. "Listen fool the next time you take ma van without asking .I am going to stuff you in your shoes " 


Murdock nodded his head .BA let him go . Face came over and gave him the train ticket. "Have fun BA, tell your mama hi for us." 


"I will Face .Hannibal don't let the fool drive ma van while I'm going okay." 


"I won't BA. I promise."  


BA smiled and looked at Murdock. "Thanks Murdock ,the van is really nice." 


Murdock nodded his head . Soon they got to the train station and saw BA off. 


"Well there he goes." said Face . 


"Right .There he goes," said Hannibal.  


Hannibal threw the keys at Murdock ."Here, Captain you drive." 


Murdock caught the keys and climb inside the driver seat. "I am so glad BA love his surprise." 



The End  

BAs Surprise by Sasi



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