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Title: The Enemy Cometh Sequel to Thunder in the sky

The Enemy Cometh Sequel to Thunder in the sky

By Susan Owens

Rated: NC17

Beta Read by: Murdock's CrazyLady

Warning: This contains non-con sex f/m (not Face and Murdock) and strong language. Torture, Rape. Death but not by a main character.

Disclaimer: I do not own the A-team just my characters

2000 Susan Owens

Author's Notes: When we left Thunder in the Sky, Murdock was left in a devastated situation.. Now for The Enemy Cometh  


Part One 

The two men entered the room where Murdock lay unconscious on the floor, still handcuffed to Miller's dead body. One man winkled his nose at the smell of the dead body and the vomit that Murdock still lay his face in. 

"Phew ! That's really stinks. I think the boss has really gone over the deep end on this one. I mean, why not just kill him instead of doing this?" 

The other man shook his head. "I don't know. I heard that the boss hates this man. I mean he down right hates him." The other man nodded his head, it was taking all he had not to loose his stomach contents like Murdock had. "Come on let's get him cleaned up like the boss said." The other replied, picking up and end. The other tried not to breathe as he carried the other. The two men carried Murdock to the bathroom, Where they were stopped by their boss's wife. 

"I want you to bring him to my private bathroom." They looked at her.  

"Ma'am we have orders to take him outside and clean him."

She stared hard at them. "I want him brought to my bathroom now, or else." 

The two men knew better then to cross Leona, she would kill and ask questions later. They nodded their heads and carried Murdock to her bathroom. When they got there and put Murdock down, she ordered them to leave and then ordered her female services to enter the room.  

"I am going to give HM a bath. Please remain." She said, climbing down into the hot sudsy water. "Place HM in the water gently." 

They slowly placed the unconscious Murdock into the water. Leona took him into her arms, stoking him gently and whispering in his ears. "I didn't want to have to hurt you HM or make you go through that, but you betrayed me. Don't you remember how much I loved you?" 

She slowly began to reach for the wash cloth, and suddenly Murdock slipped under the water, but Leona brought him back up. She ordered her services again afterwards. "Get in here and hold him up. I need to bathe him." 

Her services nodded their heads and climbed inside with their clothes on, each one going to a different side of Murdock, holding the unconscious man up right. Leona smiled as she lathered up the wash cloth and slowly began to wash Murdock, carefully covering every detail, moving slowly down his body caressing every place, being very gentle with the scars. She gently kissed each scar as she wiped ever so carefully over them. Her services watched but said nothing. Soon she came to Murdock's private parts. She looked at her two services. 

"Close your eyes, you fools!" She barked. "This is only for me. No one else has the right to see this!"  

Her services did what they were told and once the looked away, eyes closed, she began to wash Murdock again. At the feel of her gentle touch Murdock began to moan. 

"Shh, HM it's all right. I am here to take care of you." 

Murdock slowly opened his eyes but tried as he might, he could not focus them. His voice was so dry he could hardly speak, and his words croaked out, making him sound like a frog. 

"What going on? Who are you?" 

Leona gently stroked Murdock ."It's alright HM. It's only me, you're beloved."  

Murdock smiled for a moment. He was safe, it was his beloved, it was Kate. Then suddenly, he remembered that Kate did not know his first name. . He forced his eyes to focus and saw that the woman holding him was not Kate but a woman from his long forgotten past. 
Murdock stared at the woman holding him. He knew her from his long forgotten past, but he could not place her.

"It's all right Murdock. There's nothing to fear, I'm here now and everything will be fine. Trust me. You are safe no one is going to hurt you."

Murdock began to relax it was all right, He must be back at the house Face had scammed. He was back in the room he used, and Katie must be with him. Yes, this woman had to be Katie. Who else could it be? 

She smiled at him and laid him down on the bed. Then she laid beside him. She moved her hand down his chest twisting his chest hair around her fingers and bent down to kiss his nipples. Murdock groaned as she began licking then and then gently biting them. She moved on down his body doing everything possible to get him hard. Murdock could feel himself getting aroused by what this woman was doing. It ache so bad he just wanted to release himself. He started to but the woman stopped him.

"Not just yet Murdock. I'm not finished yet."  

She grabbed a hold of his penis and began to pump it hard till it started dripping. Murdock threw back his head and his eyes rolled up inside his skull. He wanted inside of her. The pain was so intense he could hardly stand it.

She knew he was ready and she climbed on top of him, placing herself into his penis, she began to rock as he began to enter. Oh he just had to release himself into her. His mind was screaming.  

"Oh Katie!" he screamed.  

She looked at him suddenly and just before he could enter her she pulled away and slapped him hard in the face making him see stars. 

"Well that was fun." she replied sarcastically. She lifted Murdock's head. She could tell he was in pain, he need to release himself. She looked into his pain filled eyes.  

"Was it fun for you?" She laughed as she walk out leaving Murdock to drown in his pain.

Murdock groaned as he curled up in a fetal position trying to make the pain go away. He had no more then did this when suddenly he was pulled out of the bed and dragged down the hall. He was thrown into another room. He just laid where he landed. He didn't move as he heard footsteps approach him. He felt himself being turned over and saw a man looking down at him. The man took out a whip and held it in his hands. He spoke with a deep rough voice.  

"It's been a long time Murdock. A very long time. I missed you. You never write me."  

Murdock stared at him. He knew him, but from where?

The man looked down at Murdock. He could tell by looking at him, that he was hard and needed to be released. He grew angry only one person could have caused this, his wife Leona. He knew he should punish her but he decided to punish Murdock instead.  
He took his whip and beat Murdock till Murdock was unconscious. He stared down at the naked, bloody body of Murdock. He walked over to the door and when it opened, his men were standing outside. He looked at them and he calmly said,  

"Return him. I am finished with him."  

One of his men looked from Murdock to his boss, "What about his clothes?"  

"What about them?" Came the reply. "Just take care of it." He then left.

The two men looked at Murdock. One of the men grabbed a body bag.

"Hey," Replied the other man, "He's not dead."

"So," Replied the other man. "Here give me a hand with him."

The two men placed Murdock into the body bag and zipped it up and pick it up and as they took it outside and placed it in the truck and then drove away, Leona watched with an evil smile. She loved it when her husband did his work. 


Hannibal Smith was pacing the floor. They had looked everywhere for Murdock but had found no sign of him. He knew Kate was upset as well as BA and Face. Daria had been no help and he knew he no longer trusted her. Face entered the room with Daria. 

Face stared at his commanding officer. He noticed how tired and old Hannibal looked. He place his hand on his shoulder. Face knew Hannibal was thinking of Murdock. They had searched all night and all day for him and had come up empty.

"We will find him Colonel. I just know it."

"I agree we will find him." Replied Daria.  

Hannibal looked at Daria, and in a calm like-nothing-was-wrong tone, he calmly replied, "Get out."

"What?" asked Daria . Hannibal kept looking at her.  

"I said get out. Now!" He was angry and his voice now showed it. But Daria didn't back down.

"I'm not leaving, you need me."

"You are leaving one way or another." Hannibal picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and walked to the back door and opened it. He was just about to throw her out when he noticed a body bag lying on porch. He placed Daria down and she too looked at the body bag. Hannibal slowly unzipped it, not caring if Daria was still there or not. He knew what he would find inside. Daria screamed as Hannibal revealed the cold face of Murdock. Hannibal searched for a pulse. He found it but it was weak and Murdock was freezing. Hannibal knew what to do. Murdock needed to get warm right away and he had no time to waste. He looked at Daria and hissed, "Go get Face and some blankets and hurry." He then slowly removed Murdock and placed himself over his friend so his body temperature would warm him till Face came with the blankets. Daria ran inside the house like a bat outta hell.

"Face!, Face! Come quickly and bring some blankets hurry!' She yelled.  

Face grabbed some blankets and ran out to the back. He stared in horror as he slammed on his brakes and slid a little as he saw Hannibal lying on top of a naked Murdock.

"Hannibal! What in the hell are you doing?!" He screamed.

Hannibal said nothing as he slowly got off and took the blankets from Face and wrapped Murdock up in them. He picked Murdock up and carried him into the house. Face and Daria followed. Hannibal put Murdock on the sofa he then turned to Face.  

"Lieutenant, call BA and tell him to get back here with Kate, we need to get Murdock to the hospital and the closest one is by plane."

Daria looked at Murdock she knew by experience BA would not get there in time.  

"He'll never get here in time."

"He has to." replied Face. the hospital is too far, We need Kate to fly us there."

"I can fly too and Kate's plane is right outside."

Hannibal pick up Murdock. "Then let's go lady."

Hannibal Smith sat on the floor of the plane cradling Murdock's head in his arms, holding back tears he knew he couldn't allow to let fall. He had to be strong for the team. He looked up at his lieutenant who seemed to be in a catatonic daze. Face needed Murdock and Murdock needed him. They were each other's lifeline. Hannibal watched as Face brought his legs up to his chest and buried his head in them and cried. Hannibal knew he should comfort Face, But damn it right now he hurt too and no one was there to comfort him, after all he had to depend on a woman he didn't trust to save Murdock.  

Hannibal began to self consciously stroke Murdock hair and whisper to him. "I promise you Murdock, we will get the animal who did this to you and he will wish to God he'd never been born." Murdock still felt cold so Hannibal put another blanket on him and began to sing to him. The singing brought Face around and he went over and joined Hannibal. They sung every song they knew, hoping that Murdock would respond. But Murdock remained quiet.  

Face stared at Hannibal. "Hannibal, what am I going to do if Murdock doesn't make it?" 

"You are going to be strong for him, Face. I know you can do it. We are not giving up on him. Murdock's been thought a lot and has made it." 

Face shook his head, "Never like this." 

Hannibal was trying hard to help Face, while his own inner torment ate him alive from the inside out, and he didn't like the negative reaction from Face.

"Can it Face, Murdock will be all right. We have to believe that." 

Face nodded his head. "If only I had something to do like the time Murdock was shot saving you. Then I could keep my mind busy. I don't think I can take this." 

Hannibal knew how Face felt. "Hang in there, Face. For Murdock's sake please be strong." 

Face wiped away a tear. "I will try Colonel." 

"Here, do you want to sit here for a while? I'm going to join Daria up front."

Hannibal got up, gently moving Murdock's limp and almost life-less head, and Face sat down and held Murdock's head like Hannibal had been. Face looked down at the pale face of his best friend, and then back up at Hannibal. "Hannibal?"  

Hannibal looked back at Face, "Yeah Face?" 

"You don't trust Daria, do you?" 

Hannibal looked at the sore and puffy blue eyes of his friend and nodded his head no slowly. "No Face, I don't." 

Face nodded his head and began to sing to Murdock again. 

Hannibal sat in the co-pilot seat and Daria stared at him. "Why were you back there singing with your friend hurt? It sounded so cold hearted." 

"Lady I don't see where that is any of your business but if you must know, we were trying to reach him." Hannibal said, barely able to hold his tongue. 

"Trying to reach him by singing? People only sing when they are happy. Are you happy Mr. Smith?" 

Hannibal felt his blood rush and he suddenly reached over and grabbed her. "If I knew how to fly, you would be off this plane and fast. But I don't so you better keep that trap of yours shut and get us to that hospital!" 

Daria just looked at Hannibal. "We are almost there, The island is in sight." 

Hannibal stared. "What do you mean by island?" 

"I thought it was best to take Mr. Murdock to one of the company's hospitals instead of a local one, so there would be no questions." 

Hannibal was angry. "You had no right."

Daria stared at him, her eyes flashing. "I am calling the shots here Mr. Smith not you, so just sit back and relax. We are coming in for a landing." 

Hannibal stared at her. He hated this woman but remained calm as if she wasn't even there. "Oh by the way I radioed I was coming, so I advise you not to try anything. If you want Murdock to live." She studied the Colonel who was so concerned for his friend and she could tell it. She wasn't a bad person but she knew Colonel Smith did not trust her and she was not making it any easier. 

"Mr. Smith I don't mean to be rude or sound mean, but I have to because you don't trust me." 

"Lady, I got a news flash for you. You will not get my trust this way." Replied Hannibal. 

Daria said nothing. She knew anything she said at this point would make no difference to Hannibal. 

Soon the plane landed and two dark cars were waiting for them. Four men got out of one of the cars and walked over to Daria, who pointed towards the back.

"He's in the back of the plane with his other friend. Knock so you don't scare him." 

The men nodded their heads and walk towards the back. They knocked on the door and Face slowly opened the it and saw four dark suit men coming in. Out of panic and sheer fear that these people where going to hurt Murdock, he reached for his gun. But, then one of the men spoke. "Please, put your gun away, we are here to help." 

Face looked at Hannibal who nodded his head. Face lowered his gun and allowed the men to pick Murdock up. The four men carefully placed Murdock in one of the cars and Daria walked over to Face and Hannibal.

"One of you may go with Murdock, the other with me." Face looked at Hannibal, and saw the wanting to go with Murdock in his Colonel's eyes. "Hannibal you go with Murdock. I think he'll need you when he wakes up." 

Hannibal nodded his head. "Thanks Face." Face smiled and nodded back, and Hannibal climbed in the back with Murdock and both cars headed for the hospital. Hannibal watched one the men as he called the hospital to give them a report on Murdock. The guy seemed to know what he was doing. The man noticed Hannibal staring, watching every single move he made, just waiting for him to cause him to get grabbed by the throat.  

He smiled and said, "I used to be a paramedic back in LA before I joined the company. That's my job now, Mr. Smith. Everyone here at the hospital are doing what they always did. We just work for the company now." He held out his hand for Hannibal to shake but Hannibal just looked at it. The man just shook his head and continued to check over Murdock. Hannibal kept his protective stare on him the whole time. 

Soon they arrived and people dressed in long white jackets came out with a gurney, placing Murdock on it before Hannibal could blink, Then they rushed Murdock away. The other car pulled up and Face and Daria got out she motioned for them to follow her and she walked into the waiting room. It was a big waiting room with a place to have coffee and a vending machine with sandwiches in them.  

"We don't believe that a family should have to leave to get something to eat. So everything is here." 

Hannibal shook his head. "Thanks but I'm not hungry." 

"Really? What about you Face?" 

Face just shook his head. He walked over to the big glass window running his fingers though his messed up sandy blonde hair, wondering when and if this nightmare was ever going to end. 

Hannibal walked into the room and was a little worried to see Murdock lying so still on the bed. He was breathing on his own, so except for the IV Murdock was not hooked up to any machines. For this Hannibal was thankful. He started towards Murdock when the doctor walked in.

"I need to talk to you for just a minute." Replied the doctor.

Hannibal looked from Murdock to the doctor. He really wanted to be with Murdock and protect him. "Can't this wait? He asked.

"Not if you want to help your friend. We need to talk." Answered the doctor.

Hannibal followed the doctor out of Murdock's room hesitantly, down the hall and into his office. He waited while the doctor sat down.  

"Your friend Murdock was beaten."

"I already know that doctor. He was also returned in a body bag!" Hannibal yelled, the vision of his best friend in a body bag before his natural time haunted him.

"What you don't know is that he was sexually assaulted too."

Hannibal was horrified. Yes this had happened in Vietnam, but now? "How bad ?"

"Bad enough. He's going to need you to help him though this."  

Hannibal nodded his head. "We will be with him doctor."

"It won't be easy Mr. Smith. First he will deny it, pretend it never happened. Then become angry, blame himself. He will do everything in his power not to face what REALLY happened. So please be patient."

"Thanks doctor I will. I've been though this before."

The doctor nodded his head and Hannibal left his office, his mind swimming.

It had happened to Murdock again. He was so shocked, but at the same time it didn't surprise him. Most of their enemies, he thought, would probably do worse if they had the chance. Hannibal quieted his thoughts, like he was worried about waking the sleeping captain if he thought too loud. He went back into Murdock's room and softly told Murdock he was sorry.  

B.A. Baracus and his mother waited at the house for some kind of word about Murdock, Kate had left saying she had to do some thinking. She would be back but right now everything was too confusing for her. Mama got up and paced the room again, and as BA watched his mother he knew she was worried about Murdock, her other son.

"Mama, please sit down and take it easy. Hannibal will call when he finds Murdock."

His mother looked at him. The worry she had in her eyes, was the same as the times when she worried about B.A., and he knew it.

"Scooter can't we go out and look again? Please."

BA nodded his head, "Sure mama we can."  

No sooner were they getting ready to leave when the telephone rang and mama answered it. "Hello? Hannibal is that you?" She asked, hoping so.

"No, It's me Face. Let me speak to B.A.."

B.A. waited but she did not give the phone to him.

"Face whatever is wrong you tell me now. Did you find HM?"

Face hesitated. He really didn't want to tell her about Murdock. "Please let me talk to B.A.."

"No! I want to know what happened to my baby!"

BA quietly took the phone from his mother. "Yeah Face, what's up."

"We found Murdock. While you guys were out searching he came back."

Face could hear B.A. breathe a sigh of relief. "B.A., it wasn't good. Murdock was bought back in a body bag."

B.A. held his breath. He couldn't believe what he heard, he knew if his mama heard, she'd flip. "Where are you Face?"  

"We are on an island I am coming down in a plane to get you and your mother. B.A. I know you hate flying but I think Murdock will need all of us. Oh, and uh, pick up Kate and come to the LAX."

B.A. nodded his head at the phone, like Face was right in front of him. "Face, Kate is gone. I don't know if she will be back. Mama and I will be waiting."

Face nodded his head. He knew Kate would probably leave, but he had hope he was wrong. "Okay B.A. we are coming down to get you."

B.A. hung up the phone and looked at his mother.

"Scooter I want to know what's gong on and I want to know now."

"Mama, I'll tell you on the way." Replied B.A..

"No, you will tell me now." She answered.  

B.A. shook his head okay, took her over to the sofa and sat her down. Taking her hands in his, he swallowed. He didn't want to tell her.

"Please Scooter, tell me." She pleaded.

"Mama, he was bought back in a..." He hesitated.

"Bought back in what?" She knew it was not good because of the way her Scooter was having a hard time getting it out.  

"A body bag mama, he was returned in a body bag."

Mrs. Baracus stared at her son before she broke down and cried. B.A. pulled his mother to him and held her. He didn't know what to say. Soon the tears stopped and mama looked at him. "Are we going to him?" She asked quietly.

"Yes, mama. Face is coming for us. We are supposed to meet him at the airport."

She got up. "Then let's get moving." 

Murdock laid on the bed. He could feel the heaviness on him. He could feel the tongue flicking back and forth across his chest and the kissing up and down his body. It was making him hard. He started breathing heavy.

"Do you want to enter me, Murdock?" A very sexy voice asked.

Murdock moaned. "Yes" He whispered.

"Then you may."  

Murdock began to enter pushing deeper and deeper. Suddenly he felt something wet on his face. He looked up to see Miller's dead eyes staring at him. Murdock screamed out. Suddenly Hannibal was at his side trying his best to calm his friend down. Murdock was thrashing around, Hannibal knew he had to calm him before he pulled out the IV. 

"Murdock calm down it's all right Captain. Please it's all right."  

The nurse came running in and she started to give Murdock a sedation to calm him down when Murdock 's eyes popped open and he stared at her.

"Please don't, I don't want to sleep! please no more nightmares." He looked at Hannibal and whispered, "Please hold me Hannibal, make the nightmares go away."  

Hannibal took Murdock into his arms. "I got you Murdock you are safe now."

Murdock felt protected in Hannibal's arms. He felt safe at last. He was safe. Hannibal began to hum to him.

"Hannibal, thank you for being here with me."

"Murdock, I will always be here with you. Even in death you won't be rid of me." Came Hannibal's voice yet it was different. Suddenly Hannibal began to squeeze Murdock. Murdock soon found he could not breathe, and grabbed Hannibal's hand off of him only to see Miller again, choking him with his blooding hands.  

"I want you with me Murdock, for all time."

Murdock screamed he had to get away. Suddenly everything changed and he saw Hannibal sleeping on a chair nearby. No not Hannibal but Miller. Miller still had him. Murdock slowly pulled the IV out of his arm and quietly got up. He was not going to be Miller's prisoner any longer. He slowly got up and picked up the pitcher of water and sent it crashing down on Hannibal's head.  

He watched as Hannibal fell to the floor. "You won't trick me again, Miller. I am going to find my friends."  

Murdock ran though the hospital, people tried to stop him but he would not stop. Suddenly Daria jumped out in front of him and Murdock grabbed her.

"I am leaving. I am going to find my friends and if anyone tries to stop me, I will kill her."  

Everyone back off but Daria was no push over. Murdock was so weak she could easily take him and soon Murdock was on the ground, and someone ran over to sedate him. As he did Murdock cried.  

"Please let me go, I want my family."

The figure held Murdock as the sedation took effect. "Your family is here Murdock. We are here."  

Murdock slowly looked up to see Face holding him just before he closed his eyes and he was out. Hannibal came staggering out of the room holding his head. Daria walked over to him.  

"Here, let me take a look at that."  

Hannibal stared to protest, his mind was on Murdock and Daria knew it.  

"Murdock's fine, you need to be looked after."  

Hannibal shook his head. Big mistake! The small shake gave him a sudden, sharp pain in the back of his head, and a pounding headache followed, causing him to almost past out. One of the nurses took Hannibal to one of the rooms to fix him up. Hannibal turned to Face.  

"Face got get B.A. and his mama and Richter too. I believe Murdock's going to need him."

Face nodded. "Come on Daria, let's go." Daria looked back at Hannibal, looking for his approval. Hannibal almost nodded his head, but a sharp pain again made him stop and think twice, the pain telling him, "now you know better than that.." and he waved his hand at them, shooing them off like a bug.

"Go. I'll be fine just bring them." Daria nodded and together she and Face left.

BA and his mother sat in the lounge at the airport waiting for Face and Daria. Mama Baracus looked over at her son.  

"Scooter? You okay baby?" She looked at B.A. and asked.

He nodded his head. "Just worried about Murdock, mama. I'll be fine." He replied.  

"It will be all right" She answered doing her best to comfort him.

BA got up and walked over to the water fountain and took a long drink. "I want to believe that mama, I really do. But this whole thing has changed. Everything. Murdock I don't even feel comfortable calling him a fool. He's just not acting like one, Mama I don't know this Murdock. I want my friend Murdock back."

"Scooter, you don't even know if Murdock changed, and if he has, we will deal with it."  

"I hope I can mama." B.A. said, truthfully not knowing if he could take that big of a change.

Face and Daria entered the room and heard the last part of their talk .  

"We will deal with it BA, And we will get Murdock back to his old self." Face said, trying to reassure his buddy.  

BA walked over to Face and Daria. "Then let's get going."

"Are you sure you are ready?" Asked Daria. "Face has told me you are afraid of flying."

"First of all lets get this straight. I am not afraid of flying. I hate flying. But I will do it if I have too." BA said in anger.

Daria rolled her eyes she knew better. Face had told her about BA's fear .Why didn't BA just admit he was afraid? You could smell it on him. When they got on the plane, Daria handed BA a drink . 

"Here, drink this." She command. BA stared at the drink and then back at her. Who did she think she was? NOBODY told BA Baracus what to do 'cept his momma and his CO.

"What's in it? BA Baracus don't drink anything he don't know what's in it."

"It's carrot juice .It will calm your nerves."

"I ain't drinking no carrot juice. I don't like carrot juice forget it lady."Replied BA. Daria just walked away. Mama looked at him. 

"Scooter, you okay?" She asked with concern. BA nodded his head and turned to Face.  

"Hey Faceman, maybe you should give me something. Not because I'm scared cause I'm not. But sleeping makes the trip shorter and I want to get to the fool as soon as possible."

Face nodded his head as he reached in his pocket and took out a syringe and gave BA a shot so he would sleep.  

The plane ride took two hours but soon they arrived at the island after getting a groggy BA to the waiting car they headed for the hospital.  

Hannibal sat in the chair by Murdock's bed. He watched as Murdock 's chest rose up and down. He slowly began to stroke Murdock's hair. Murdock's eyes suddenly opened up and he smiled at Hannibal.

"Hey Colonel, don't stroke my hair too much don't want it to fall out." Murdock laughed.

Hannibal stared at Murdock. He had expected some reaction from Murdock but not this.  

"Murdock. How are you feeling?" He asked.  

"Well judging by this room, I'd say I'm in a hospital, So I guess I was hurt but I don't feel any pain."  

"I'm not surprise with all the pain killers they gave you. Do you remember anything that happened to you?" Asked Hannibal.  

Murdock just smiled at Hannibal but said nothing to him. He was in his own safe world where no one could hurt him. Instead patted the bed. "Come on Billy, come on boy jump up." He then hugged the invisible dog. "Oh Billy I am glad you are back. I missed you so much."  

( "I came back because you need me Murdock. But you got to tell Hannibal what happened .")

"I can't Billy, Hannibal will hate me." Replied Murdock  

"Murdock, I won't hate you. Why would you say that?" Asked Hannibal, who could hear Murdock's side of the conversation.

"Billy told me to tell you what happened. But I don't know if I can." Replied Murdock. 

Hannibal sat down on the bed. "I know this is hard for you Murdock and you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I think I know what happened."  

Murdock let out a heavy sigh. "I was put in a room with Miller's dead decaying body and the smell alone made me sick. Then a woman came in and we played gin, I think. No wait not gin. Oh what did we play? Battle? Yeah that was it Battle. It's a card game. I won, then Miller kissed me and... No wait not Miller. It was the woman .Yeah the woman .Then she..."  

Murdock stopped talking suddenly and began to hum. Hannibal placed his hand on his shoulder to comfort him. Suddenly Murdock slapped the hand away and said in a demon voice, 

"Don't touch me! Don't you ever touch me again! Do you hear me?!"  

("Calm down master, it's just your friend Hannibal.")

"I'm sorry Murdock. I was just trying to help."

"I know Hannibal. I don't know what's wrong with me." Replied Murdock.

"Don't worry Murdock, we will find the guy who did this to you. I promise." Hannibal said, not only promising Murdock, but himself as well.  

Murdock just nodded his head. Hannibal decided to see if Murdock would tell him more.  

"What did the woman do Murdock?"  

Murdock thought for a moment. "She got angry because I beat her in Battle and she hit me. No, not me Miller. Then Miller slept with me and he needed a bath.. He was dead." Murdock was not making any sense, and now he just stared at Hannibal.  

"Please make Miller go away Colonel. I don't want to sleep with him."

"I will Murdock. I'll make him go away."  

"Who go away, Hannibal?" Murdock suddenly asked, forgetting his earlier question.

"Miller, I'll make Miller go away." Replied Hannibal.  

"Miller's dead." He pause for a moment then "She hurt me."

"Who hurt you? Murdock?" Asked Hannibal, royally confused.

"Face! BA! Mama! Hey guys, come on in. Hannibal and I were talking about Battle. That's a card game something like War. Want to play?"

Face walked over to the bed. "Hey Murdock, glad to see you awake. How do you feel?"

"Face, I feel great! Let's play Battle, please."

("Master tell them what happened.")

"Nothing happened. Do you hear me? Nothing!"

("That woman raped you! Tell them. They need to know. ")  

"No I won't! Nothing happened!" Screamed Murdock.

Mama grabbed Murdock and held him close. "It's okay baby. Everything is going to be okay."

Murdock pulled away and looked at her for only a moment ."If you don't want to play Battle with me, then get out. I want to play Battle."

Hannibal turned to Face. "Lieutenant, get us a deck of cards. We are going to play Battle with Murdock."

Face nodded his head and took out a pack of cards, handing them to Murdock ,whom began to shuffle them frantically, throwing them out real fast.

"Okay you know how to play. Right? The highest takes it." Murdock ranted. 

They all looked at him. BA's mother sat down beside him and smiled sadly at him. Murdock picked up his cards and lay one down. It was the two of hearts. He stared at it and began to tremble. They noticed and BA looked at his mama. She understood the look and reached over to hug Murdock, when he suddenly snatched the two of heart card back up. 

"I can't win on this low card. I can't. I got to win this battle. I got to. I can't face anything unless I win and I can't win on this low card."

Face placed his card on the bed. It was the two of diamonds. "Murdock we have a battle okay. You still have a chance."

Murdock looked at the card then looked at Hannibal and BA.  

"Lay down your cards." Hannibal lay down the ace of hearts and BA the jack of spades. Murdock and Face both lay one down and one up. Murdock smiled he had lay down a jack and Face lay down a three.

Murdock gathered up the cards. "I won, game over. I'm tired please go." 

"Don't you want me to stay Murdock?" Face asked, not wanting to leave Murdock alone.  

"No, Face, I don't. Please just leave." Everyone got up.  

"Murdock if you need anything. Just let us know." Said Hannibal. Murdock nodded his head and turned away, so they could not see his tears. Mrs. Baracus gave him a small kiss on the forehead.  

"Everything will be all right baby." Murdock said nothing. He let his tears flow freely down his face.

They all stood outside of the room. Face turned to Hannibal. "Do you think he's going to be all right Hannibal?"  

"I don't know Face. I hope so." Hannibal turned to Daria.  

"Will Murdock be safe here? Can we trust these people?" Daria looked at him.  

"These people are professionals. They just work for us. I'm having a psychiatrist see Murdock soon." BA shook his head.  

"No send for Dr. Richter that's Murdock 's doctor. No one else messes with the fool head."  

Daria nodded her head. "I will see that he is brought here."  

"Thanks miss, and in the mean time we got work to do."  

"You are right Hannibal. We do." Replied Face.  

"What are you going to do?" Asked BA 's mother.  

"We are going to go after the person who did this to Murdock." Replied BA.  

"And I guess you are going in half cocked. Listen you need a plan. I mean you don't even have a suspect." said Daria.  

"And I suppose you do?" said Face.  

"As a matter of fact I do." Came back the reply.  


She walked into the building, her body moving fast as she made her way down the hall. She soon entered a room, where a man and woman sat waiting. She wasted no time but walked over to the man and slapped him hard across the face.  

"You idiot. I gave you a simple job and you blew it. All you had to do was kill Murdock and you blew it."

The man was stung. "Hey baby, he was weak. He's going to die."  

"For your information stupid, he's alive. Why did you return him to his friends?"  

"He was more dead then alive. I made sure of that." Replied the woman.  

"You two are impossible! I have my own father killed to get Murdock and he's still alive. Now I want you two to find him and take care of him. Do I make myself clear? Don't make the mistake Miller made."

The man spoke. "But where do we look?"

She smiled. "I'll find him and let you know. Then you take care of him. Kill him but make him suffer. I want him to scream when you kill him. 

"How far should we go?" Asked the woman.

"I don't care as far as you want. I just want him dead." 

"You know you never did tell us why."  

"Because. I don't like him. He rejected me."  

"But I thought he was your boyfriend."  

"He is but a long time ago he rejected me and now he's going to pay."  


Hannibal grabbed Daria. "Okay lady out with it. Who do you suspect?"

Daria stared at Hannibal. "Kate."  

"Kate? But she's Murdock 's girlfriend, for crying out loud!" Replied Face.  

"Think about it. If you had a girlfriend that was missing or hurt? What would you do?"

BA spoke up first. "I'd be worried man. I'd want to know if she was safe."  

"Yeah me too." Replied Face. Hannibal nodded he understood.  

"But Kate left, she didn't stay. Guys we got to find Kate. Daria, can you fly us to the main land?" 

"Yes I can."  

"Good. Mrs. B can you stay with Murdock. BA you stay too."  

"Okay, Hannibal."

Mrs. Baracus walked into Murdock's room. She noticed he was asleep. She sat down on the chair beside the bed and watched him.

During the past year he had become her son. She loved him just as much as she did her son BA. Now he was in pain and there was nothing she could do. She watched him sleep as he tossed and turned, and she knew he was having a nightmare. Suddenly Murdock screamed and she was on his bed. She took him into her arms and he cried.  

"She hurt me mama! I just want the pain to go away! I'm so sorry! Oh God I'm so sorry!" She held the trembling man in her arms as he cry his heart out.  

Leona sat by her husband on the plane. Their boss found out where Murdock was and they were on their way to take care of him. She turned and looked at her husband. 

"You moron. Why didn't you kill him when you had the chance? I left him weak enough for you." 

Travis looked back at his wife. "I thought he was dead. He was bleeding everywhere." 

Leona shook her head. "Those wounds were probably minor cuts. Did you check to see if he was breathing?" 

Travis shook his head. Leona struck him across the face. "Why in the world I ever married you is beyond me. You've got the brain of a pea. Now you listen to me. Kate told me where Murdock is being kept." 

"How does she know?" 

"Shut up. How should I know? Now don't interrupt me again." 

"Yes dear." 

"When we get there, I want you to take care of him and I don't mean cuddle him." 

She placed a gun in his hand. "Shoot him three times to be sure." 

Travis took the gun and nodded his head. Suddenly they heard the pilot over the speaker. 

"Mrs. Ranger, we are near the target area. It's time for you and your husband to jump." 

"Thank you, Felix." 

She took out her parachute while her husband did the same. "Okay lets go and Travis, darling if we fail this time we don't come back." 

He nodded as she placed a nitrite pill in his hand. Soon they both jumped from the plane. When they landed, Leona led the way. They soon took out the guards.

Now there was no one in their way to stop him or her from killing Murdock. 


Mrs. Baracus held Murdock in her arms and she was singing softly to him. "Hush little baby don't you cry. Mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird, and if that mocking bird don't sing, then momma's gonna but you a diamond ring, and if that diamond ring don't shine..." Mrs. Baracus was cut off by another voice. 

"Now isn't that cute? Don't you think, so Travis?" 

Mrs. Baracus looked up to see a man and a woman pointing a gun at her and Murdock. "Who are you people?" 

"Just move away from him grandma." Replied Leona. 

Mrs. Baracus didn't move, she just stared at them and replied, "You are not touching my baby." 

Leona looked at Travis and nodded. He walked over and grabbed Mrs. Baracus and threw her on the floor. Murdock screamed. "Mama!" 

Leona struck Murdock across the face. "She's not your mama, fool. But I can be your mama." 

She slowly climbed on him and began to slowly bring her fingers down towards his manhood. But nothing happened. Murdock just stared at her with a frightened look. 

"Please don't hurt mama." 

Leona stared. "Doesn't this feel nice Murdock?" 

"No. I don't feel a thing." 

Leona looked down at it and she knew Murdock was telling the truth. It was just lying there. She got up in disgust. "Damn he's impotent. Travis kill him now." 

Travis smiled as his wife moved away from Murdock.  

"Bye, Say hello to your maker." 

"Why don't you say hello to your maker, sucka?" 

Travis was suddenly picked up and thrown at his wife, who was trying to get away. Murdock sat staring at everything, he looked straight at Mrs. Baracus who was slowly getting up. 

"Mama are you all right?" 

She nodded her head. "I'm fine baby." 

BA walked over and grabbed Travis and pulled him up. He looked at him and growled. 

"I want to know who sent you. I want to know why." 

Leona looked at her husband. "Don't say anything Travis. You know what you have to do." 

Travis nodded his head. He looked BA in the eye and said, "You will get nothing from me." 

Suddenly he bit down on the pill hidden in his teeth and died instantly. His body slumped towards BA. Leona smiled as her husband's body fell to the floor. "He always was a loser. "  

She started to run when she was meant by the Face's fist and was knocked out.

Face stared down at her. "I never like hitting women, but I'll make an exception in your case." Face then leaned her against the wall and tied her up. He then walked over to his friends. "Is everyone okay?" 

BA looked at his mother and Murdock. "Yeah they seem to be."

"How in the world did they find Murdock?" Daria said. "This place was safe." 

"I don't know. There must be a leak somewhere." 

"Face we gotta get Murdock out of here." 

Face nodded his head. "Yeah we do, so let's go." 


They both turned around at the sound of Murdock's voice. "I am not running away again. We stay and face this. We are the A-Team and we are strong. Let Kate come." 

Face and BA stared. BA walked over to him. "How much of Daria's talk did you hear?" 

Murdock hung his head. "Enough to know I was a damn fool." 

BA lifted his head. "You are not a fool Murdock." 

Murdock smiled at BA. "Coming from you BA, I almost believe it." 

"You are not a fool Murdock. At least not that kind." 

"Then it settled we stay. Let's see if that lady will talk now," Said Face as he went over to check on her. Face stared at the woman and shook his head. "Damn, she's dead." 

Murdock walked over to her and looked into her wide-open eyes. He then opened her mouth and knew the signs of the poison. "She died just like her husband. They must be more afraid of Kate then of us." 

He looked at her again. "Can't say I'm sorry." 

"Murdock, you okay?" 

"No Face, I will never be okay again. That woman took my life away and Kate set me up. Right now I wish I was dead." 

They are stared at Murdock's words.  

"Hey fool don't talk that way in front of Mama." 

"Stop calling me that! You just said I wasn't a fool." 

"He didn't mean it Murdock, please calm down baby." 

Face walked over to him. "Murdock I know this has been hard on you. But Hannibal and Daria will find Kate and then we will get to the bottom of this." 

Murdock looked at his friends. "I loved her. I loved her so much." 

Face nodded his head. "We know Murdock we know." He then turned to BA. "Kate knows Murdock is here and the next time she may come herself. We've got to be ready for her. Take your mother and Murdock to somewhere safe." 

Murdock looked at Face. "Face, I'm not leaving." 

"Murdock you can't fight. You are in no condition." 

Murdock shook his head. "No but maybe I can reason with Kate. At least let me try." 

"No, I am in charge when Hannibal isn't here and I told BA to take you somewhere safe." 

Murdock started to protest when BA picked him up.  

"I got him Face. Mama please meet me out to the jeep. Don't make me carry you too." 

Mrs. Baracus looked at her son and started to follow him when suddenly BA fell to the ground with Murdock underneath him. Both Face and Mrs. Baracus stared as Kate walked in, and before Face could react, she blew a dart from a blowgun and he fell to the floor. Kate looked at all three men all lying unconscious. She smiled at Mrs. Baracus. 

"Hi there mama. I came back." 

Mrs. Baracus looked at Kate, who was smiling at her. She was pushing BA off of Murdock. BA rolled off of Murdock and lay on his back, his eyes closed.  

"Here, make yourself useful. Help me take Murdock to the van." 

"Why should I help you?" 

"If you don't I will kill your son. He may be strong but even he can't fight a bullet in the head and I know where to put it." Kate replied as she pressed the gun to BA's head. 

Mrs. Baracus swallowed and came forward and helped her carry Murdock to the van. Together they placed him inside. 

"Okay, now to get the others." 

Mrs. Baracus was confused. "You want the others too?" 

"Yes, that way they won't have to worry about Murdock dying alone. You can all die together." 

"Hmm, maybe BA's too heavy for us to carry, but what the heck let's try " 

They tried but couldn't budge the big guy. "Hmm.. maybe if we remove that jewelry. Come on mama help me get it off." 

Together they removed the jewelry and tried again. This time they managed to do it. Face was next and he was no trouble at all, sometimes, mama realized, being lightweight was a bad thing, seeing as how easy Face was to toss around. 

"See mama, we make a great team. Now we got a plane to catch."  

Mrs. Baracus stared at the men in the back, and noticed Murdock was waking up. She thought to herself, begging him to go back to sleep. It was too late. Kate, psycho bitch from hell, saw as well.  

"Here. Give him a shot. I can't have him waking up yet." Kate said, shoving a needle at BA's mom. She took it, with hesitation. Murdock had just seen the needle as the light bounced off of it and caught his attention when he heard her coming towards him. His head was swimming and his vision was still blurry.

Murdock was staring up at her like a frightened child. "I'm sorry baby." She said as she stuck him in the arm with it. She watched it take affect, and soon Murdock was a sleep again. Kate smiled at her. 

"Good job, mama, don't worry. My men will be there to help get them on the plane." 

"Where are you taking us?"  

"Don't worry about that mama. You're not coming back anyway." 

Mrs. Baracus remained quiet the rest of the way, staying also close to Murdock, BA and Face. As she sat there, she wondered what this insane person was going to do, and hoping that whatever it was, it wouldn't take too long for them to die. She hoped to die first, because she knew she couldn't handle watching the others, especially BA, being murdered. 


Daria was waiting while Hannibal checked the lead out when suddenly her phone rang. "Hello?.. Yeah this is agent Fields. What? Give that to me again slowly... Okay got it. Thanks."  

She hung up her phone and went inside to get Hannibal. As she was quietly walking inside someone grabbed her. "Smith, let go of me I got some news." 

Hannibal released her. "Lady never seek up on me. I told you to wait outside." 

"Yeah well sorry but this couldn't wait. Kate was at the island and she killed everyone in the hospital and took your men plus Mrs. Baracus with her." 

Hannibal was quiet, but only for a minute. "Okay let's get back. How did she find the place? I thought it was safe." 

Daria shook her head. "It is. All I can think of is we had a leak and that person told Kate." 

"Maybe you are the leak " 

"Smith. I've just about had it with you. You've been on my case since day one and I am sick of it." 

"Lady. It 's not just you. I don't trust anyone." 

"Oh really." Snapped Daria. "Well you were more then willing to let Kate into Murdock's life and look where it got him. For someone who's careful Smith, you got awful damn sloppy." 

"You made your point. So let get going." 

"I could have my pilot fly us back. But why? They are no longer there." 

"We need a place to start, maybe she left a clue as to where she's headed." 

"Okay, Smith, we do it your way." 


Murdock slowly opened his eyes he knew he was on a plane. He looked around and knew he was also in the cargo hold of the plane along with his friends. He slowly got up and staggered then crawled to Mrs. Baracus to see if she was all right. "Mrs. B?" He whispered, reaching for her. 

"Their fine at the moment, just asleep." 

Murdock looked up as Kate entered the cargo hold. "What do you want Kate?" 

"You still don't have a clue do you? You really don't know who I REALLY am, do you?" 

"Well I thought you were my girlfriend, but I've been known on occasion to be wrong." 

"I was the best mechanic that The Thunderbirds ever had. I made sure those planes were in good shape and ready to fly. But did I ever get a thank you? No not a one, or hey Carter want to join us for a drink?"  

Murdock stared. "That's not possible, you can't be Carter Wilson." 

"Why? Because I'm a girl? Well I am. I became a girl so you guys would noticed me. Then each and every one of you fell in love with me and I killed the other four." 

Murdock stared back at her. "Why? You didn't have to do that. They were good men." 

Kate just laughed. "Yeah they were all good in bed every last one of them. Well anyway I'm leaving. This plane is set to crash and there's nothing you can do about it." 

She bent down and gave Murdock a kiss. "See you around." She then got up and started to leave, when suddenly Murdock tripped her and she fell to the ground. He scrambled up and threw himself on top of her, holding her down. 

"Get off of me you baboon. I'll kill you if you don't." 

"I think I'm going to die anyway so I'll just remain here." 

Kate struggled but she couldn't get Murdock off.

Face was slowly waking up, he had a hold of the back of his head.  

"Hey Face man can you sit on her for a minute? I gotta see if I can land this plane." 

"You never will Murdock, I the best mechanic." 

Murdock smiled. "Yeah well I'm the best of the best. Come on Face have a seat." 

"That won't be necessary. I will gladly sit on her. No one makes me do something by threatening my son or his friends." 

"No! let me go! I don't want to die!" Screamed Kate. 

Murdock and Face looked at Mrs. Baracus. "Can you handle her mama?" 

"I can handle her baby. Just land this plane." 

Murdock and Face headed for the cockpit and soon Murdock was at the controls. "Murdock can you do this?" 

"Don't worry, Face. I can do this." Murdock replied as he pulled back on the yolk but nothing happened. "Damn, she's got it locked." 

"Can't you unlock it?" 

"I'll try Face. I'll try, but I'm a pilot not a mechanic." 

Face nodded his head. "What about BA? " 

"What about him?" 

"He's a mechanic Murdock." 

"Yeah I know. But he also scared. I don't see how he can help." 

"Murdock he's our only chance. You need that loose so you can fly. We don't have a choice." 

"Your right Face, I'm sorry. Go get BA...I hope the Big Guy can do it." 

Face entered the cargo hold. BA was awake and looking around. "I'm on a plane! I'm on a plane! I'm gonna kill you, Hannibal!" BA yelled an angry protest to being off of the ground.  

Face heard him and shook his head. Face walked over and checked to make sure Kate was secured. After seeing she was, he then turned to BA and quietly said, "Yes you are on a plane and it is going to crash and you are the only one who can help save us." 

BA stared at Face. "What about Murdock? Is he all right?" BA asked, forgetting he was mad and where he was. Face nodded his head.  

"Murdock's fine. But the yolk of the plane is locked into a position and Murdock can't control the plane and we'll crash unless you unlock the yolk so Murdock can fly." 

BA swallowed as he looked at Face and his mother. "I don't know if I can do this Face." BA said honestly, he would never admit it, but he was really scared, mama or no mama, he was terrified. 

Mama Baracus came up to her son. "Scooter I know you can do this baby. Please try." 

BA nodded and swallowed again. "Come on Face take me to the cockpit." 

Murdock heard them enter and he got up from the seat and smiled at BA. "Hi BA I really hope you can do this." 

BA looked at Murdock. "Shut-up Murdock and just let me do this. I am scared enough as it is. Just don't say anything, okay?" BA said, not meaning to sound mean, but he was really afraid at the moment and was doing his best just to hold himself up. 

Murdock nodded his head. BA took out his tools and began to work. His mother was taking a cloth and wiping the sweat off of him as BA hurried with a plethora of tools and moves that only his wrists could handle. He was fast, but also careful. Soon the yolk was loose. 

"Okay Murdock. The yolk is unlocked." 

Murdock sat in the pilot seat and soon had the plane in control. He turned to everyone. "Get back in the seats and buckle up. Face make sure Kate is also buckled up, just in case. I don't want another death on my hands." 

Everyone did as they were told. Murdock looked at the gas tank. He knew he only had enough fuel for one attempted landing. He looked at the charts and saw nothing. The plane was going down. Suddenly Murdock blinked his eyes, There was a small island below, and it was not charted, but it was there. That island was their only hope. He reached for the radio. Nothing. Not even static. 

*DAMN!* Murdock thought to himself slamming it down, and then wishing he hadn't. He didn't want to panic anyone in the back, especially BA. *What if I can't land? what if I kill everybody?* Murdock asked himself in a panic he had never gotten before. He felt the plane's nose start to plummet and swallowed.

His stomach did a 180 and he nearly puked all over himself. Then suddenly, he realized his hands were already on the controls, and he was pulling the plane up to a safe landing position. He couldn't believe it. It was like his hands knew exactly what to do, and they decided they could do it without him. 

The plane started going down, but Murdock had it in control now if he could just clear the trees. He prayed silently to himself as the plane slowly came down just barely missing the trees. Slowly Murdock dropped the landing gears. 

The plane landed with a bump as the plane taxied thought the jungle, stuff flying everywhere. Soon the plane came to a stop. Murdock smiled, he did it! He landed the plane, and everyone was okay. Any doubt he had about never flying again, was long gone, but not easily forgotten. He was once more a pilot and he knew it. He walked back to the others with a happy spring in his once again happy go lucky step. 

"Everyone all right?" He asked.  

Face looked at everyone. Everyone seemed fine. "We are all okay Murdock." 

Murdock smiled. "Great. That's good to hear. Come on let's see where we are at." 

Everyone except Kate got off the plane. She was still tied. She looked at Murdock and the others. "There is no way you are getting off this island alive. My men will come and you will all die!" 

Murdock just looked at her. He wanted to hit her but he could not bring himself to do it. So he ignored her instead, and only gave her a sneaky, evil smile only he could make. She was still mouthing off when they got out of the plane.

Face looked at Murdock. "So what's the situation?" 

"Plane, but no fuel and without fuel we aren't going nowhere," Replied Murdock. 

"Makes no difference. I ain't flying again anyhow. We will find another way off of this island." 

"Okay BA what do you suggest? I am open to anything right now." 

BA looked at Murdock. "Do you know how far the mainland is?" 

Murdock shook his head. "This island isn't on the map. We were lucky it was here to land on." 

BA only nodded his head.  

"Fine. that's just great! An uncharted island. And to think I left my Hawaiian clothes at home. Now what are we going to do?" Face whined in his usual fashion. 

Murdock smiled. "Kate said her men were coming. Which means she has a homing device. We'll just wait for her men and that's our ticket out of here." 

Face smiled. "Murdock are you up to this?" 

"Are you kidding Face. Howling Mad Murdock is back. hhhhhhhooooooooooowwlllllllll." Murdock replied, as he threw back his head and gave them proof with a great howl. 

They smiled at Murdock, happy to see him back to normal. Face slapped Murdock's shoulder and he smiled. They began to get ready for Kate's men afterwards.

They set traps everywhere. Kate was secured in the plane. She had sock stuffed in her mouth so she could not call out to her men. Mama Baracus spotted the plane first.  

"Its coming. The plane is coming." 

Murdock smiled. "Alright lady and gentlemen its show time." 


The plane landed and five men got out. One man, a tall and slender built man gave each man a weapon. "Come on the homing device said they are in this direction." 

The men tramped through the jungle. Suddenly, the last man dropped out of sight. But the other four men didn't know it. They just kept on moving. The fourth man moved slowly, jumping at every little noise his ears picked up. He hated the jungle. He suddenly found himself hanging upside down, and afraid, he called for help but the others were to far away to hear him. 

Face sat in a tree watching as one by one the men disappeared. "Pretty Boy calling Flying Eagle. Do you read me?" 

"Pretty Boy. This is Flying Eagle. What is your situation?" 

"Three of the birds have been trapped. The other two are still flying your way." 

"That's a copy Pretty Boy." 

"Chicken Little. This is Flying Eagle report." 

"Hey fool, stop calling me that." 

"You are no fun BA. Please report." 

BA looked at the man passed out by his feet. "There's one man still coming." 

"Good Chick... I mean BA leave that one to me." Murdock turned and smiled at Kate. "Hey Kate we are getting company." 

Kate glared at him and muttered something though her sock. 

"Did you say something? Well never mind this will soon be over." 

"Hey, you in the plane. You better get out and bring Kate with you or this woman eats lead." 

Murdock's heart dropped. He got out and saw the last man holding Mrs. Baracus at gunpoint. 

"I'm sorry Murdock. He caught me off guard."  

Murdock glared at the man. "All right I will bring her out, Just please don't hurt Mama." Murdock went back inside the plane and took the sock from Kate's mouth. 

"You lost Murdock." Kate said, spitting out the taste of the rank sock. 

Murdock said nothing just pushed her out of the door where the man was waiting. 

"Ok." Replied the man. "At the same time we will release our prisoners." 

Murdock nodded his head as he let Kate go. The man did the same with Mrs. Baracus. As the two women passed, Kate gave Mrs. Baracus a vicious smile that made her skin crawl. 

The man took Kate in his arms. "Come on Kate. Let's go, it's over." 

"Oh not it's not! Murdock must die!" 

Everything seen to stand still as Kate took the man's gun and turned around and fired point blank at Murdock. Murdock heard his name being screamed in warning, then felt himself being knocked away and as he hit the ground, he knew in his gut what had happened.  

Mrs. Baracus had taken the bullet for him. He looked over at her and saw her motionless body on the ground, and suddenly he lost all control. He yelled as he got up and charged at Kate and the man.  

Kate shot at him, catching him but not stopping him. The anger he was feeling covered the pain and he didn't feel it. He grabbed Kate and picked her up like she was a rag doll. He threw her at a nearby tree. She landed with a thump then laid still.  

Then Murdock turned around, the scariest snarl on his usually so sweet face, and grabbed the man. The man tried to get away but Murdock had a hold of him. The man looked into Murdock's eyes and saw nothing, Murdock wasn't a man at the moment. He was a beast ready to pounce on his prey. 

"Please don't hurt me." He begged. 

Murdock shook his head as he looked at the man who was now crying, begging for his life. He was about to deck him when a small voice stopped him and he turned his head, his fist still raised. 

"Baby let him go. Please don't hurt him." 

Murdock's ears had been correct. Mama was talking to him for real, it hadn't been his imagination. He dropped the sobbing man to the ground and ran over to Mrs. Baracus. He threw himself onto the ground beside her, staring at her as if he was looking at a ghost. 

"I thought you were dead." He said in a shaken voice. 

"No baby, just stung. I was wearing a bullet proof vest." 

Murdock started laughing as he hugged her. He really wanted to cry he was so happy, but he decided he wouldn't give the whining scumball behind him the satisfaction. Mrs. Baracus hugged him back and noticed the blood. 

"Oh baby, you are hurt." 

Murdock shook his head. He felt it now. "It's nothing compared to what BA would have done to me if you'd been killed." 

She said nothing, but picked up the radio. "This is Mother Hen.. repeat.. this is Mother Hen. The situation is under control but Flying Eagle's wing has been clipped." 

Face answered, "This is Pretty Boy I copy you."  

"Knock it off sucka. Mama said Murdock needs help." 

Face nodded his head and they went to Murdock and BA's mama. When they got there they saw Kate lying by the tree, her legs wrapped around the trunk, spread full eagle on the ground. A man was tied up beside her looking lost. 

Face turned to BA. "BA take her and that man to where the others are." 

BA nodded and picked up Kate, throwing her over his shoulder like a sack of dirty clothes. He then turned and looked at the man, "On you feet sucker. I ain't carrying you too." 

The man got up. "Please don't hurt me." He pointed to Murdock. "That's not a human. The bullet didn't stop him." 

BA lost his temper, slugging the man. His whimpering about the crazyman was all BA's nerves could handle right now. The fool was crazy, not un-human. The man crumbled to the ground. BA growled and picked him up too, giving the scaredy cat one more snarl before carrying him off. 

Face turned back to Murdock and BA 's mama. Murdock was lying on the ground, his head on mama 's lap. "Hey Murdock. How are you feeling?" 

Murdock smiled weakly at his friend. "Damn I got shot again. Wow this sucker hurts." 

Face slowly reached over and touched Murdock's shoulder to take a better look at the wound. Murdock feebly slapped his hand away. "Don't please. It's hurts." He cried weakly. The child in him was showing through, and Face felt so guilty because he knew he had to help him, and that by helping him, he also put him in pain. 

Mrs. Baracus stroked Murdock 's head. "I know baby, I know it hurts. But please let Face look at it." 

Murdock weakly nodded his head his eyes closing. Face stared at Murdock, and as he looked at him, Face saw the color was leaving Murdock's face. He noticed that the bullet had gone straight though. Murdock's head suddenly drooped to one side as he lost his hold on it a second. He shot it back up, although his breathing was getting weak. 

"Do something!" Mrs. Baracus cried. 

Face looked at her. "Murdock lost a lot of blood, we got to get him off this island and to a doctor. But the only one who can fly is Murdock. We may have to wait for Hannibal." Face swallowed and soon was pushing his hand down on Murdock to stop the bleeding. As Murdock cried out in pain, Mrs. Baracus looked down at him and gently kissed the top of his head. Face felt like crying too, but he held himself back. 

"I can fly." Replied Mrs. Baracus. 

Face heard her but did not reply. He was too busy with Murdock. Soon BA returned and squatted down on one knee beside his mama and Murdock. "They're secure. What do you want me to do?"  

"BA help me build a stretcher and get Murdock to the plane." 

BA glanced at Face. "Ok man, but then what?" 

"We get Murdock to a doctor." 

"How Face? We can't fly a plane only the fool can." 

"Your mother can." 

BA looked at his mama in total shock. "Mama? What does Face mean?" 

"I can fly baby. I have been taking lessons." 

BA nodded his head, feeling a little safer knowing his mama would be flying him. He stood back up. "Watch out for the fool mama while Face and I build a stretcher." 

Soon the stretcher was ready and they started the way to the other plane.

Murdock's shoulder had been bandaged by Face and he was now secure. Kate and the man were both still knocked out in the cargo hold with BA watching them. Face sat down in the co-pilot seat next to Mrs. Baracus. "Why aren't you back there with Murdock?" 

"I was just checking on you." Face replied, giving her a sweet smile only he could give. 

"I am fine Face. Please stay with Murdock." 

Face nodded his head and went back to Murdock who was now awake. 

"Hey muchacho." He said weakly. 

"Hey Murdock, we are going to get you some help." 

Murdock glanced up at Face, with an statement Face saw earlier. The frightened child look. "I thought she killed mama and I killed her." 

"No Murdock you didn't kill her." 

"I want to Face." 

"I know I know. It will soon be over. I contacted the airport and an ambulance will be waiting." 

Murdock smiled. "Hey who's flying the plane?" 

"BA's mama." 

Murdock smiled. "I'm glad that I am in good hands." He then drifted off again. 

Face nodded his head as he watched his best friend fall into a deep sleep. 

"Me too buddy. Me too." 


It had been two weeks since the A-Team got back. Kate had been arrested and was now in prison awaiting trial today. Murdock had just come home from the hospital. He now sat in the living room thinking about all the bad things that had happened to him. He was so lost in his thought he didn't hear Mrs. Baracus entered the room. 

"Hey baby, penny for your thoughts." 

He looked towards her and smiled at her. "Hi mama. I heard you saved my life." 

She walked over and sat down beside him. "I didn't do much." 

Murdock took her hand. "You did more then you know. You kept me calm when I thought that Kate killed you. When I was shot you looked after me till the guys came. But most of all you flew us off that island and got us to safety." 

She smiled. "Thank you baby. The guys should be home from the trial today. The verdict is to be today." 

Murdock nodded his head. 

Later that day his friends came home. He watched them as they walked in the door. He noticed that they looked tired. 

"Well guys? Is it over?" 

Face nodded. "Yeah it's over. Kate will never bother you again. She escaped the guards and ran out in front of a bus. She died instantly." 

Murdock stared at Face. He had a flash back of him and Kate in her plane together and she was the reason he got the courage to walk again. A single tear rolled down his face. This was to be the beginning. The beginning of his life after Kate, where nothing in the world could compare to the happiness he felt.

Face noticed Murdock's tear and walked over.  

"Hey, you okay?" Face asked, and Murdock smiled.

"Yeah Face. I'm fine. Just Fine." 


The End  

The Enemy Cometh by Susie Owens



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