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Okay, here goes another

And Baby Makes Six

by Facefreak


Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Explicit Heterosexual sex

Disclaimer: Don't own them, but sure wish I did.  Christina is mine and I guess now the baby is too.  Thank heavens it's only a virtual baby!  I have trouble taking care of myself at times.  Characters used from Simon and Simon and Emergency.  Don't own them either.

Summary:  Face and Christina plan a baby.  Will help if you have read or do read Deserved Payment and The Storm Before The Calm.

Comments:  Please, but be kind.  I can take criticism but hate flames!

Dedicated to Amanda and Cathy Fisher – wherever you are!  Thanks for the encouragement.



And Baby Makes Six


Christina entered the bedroom early in the afternoon.  There she found on her bed a beautiful gift-wrapped box in pastel pink wrapping paper and a big satin pink bow to match.  On top of the box was an envelope with a card that read:  My dearest Christina, this is for you.  Tonight I want to treat you to a night out on the town.  Be ready by seven and wait in here for me.  I love you, Templeton. 


She opened the box and tears filled her eyes.  She pulled out the most beautiful sapphire blue dress she had ever seen.  It was knee-length with spaghetti straps and a high slit on the right side and the material sparkled in the light.  She took her shower, got ready and put on the dress.  She then waited by the window.  She didn't want to sit down in fear of getting wrinkles in her dress.  She laughed at the thought.  'I'm acting just like a schoolgirl.  He makes feel that alive'.  She smiled at all her memories of them together. 


Seven o'clock rolled around and then there was a knock on the door.  She turned and opened it.  It was Murdock dressed just like a chauffeur. 


"Your chariot awaits you my dear" Murdock said as he took his hat in his hand and swept it in front of him as he bent down.  She smiled as he placed her arm in the bend of his arm and followed him to the front door.  When he opened the door, she nearly burst into tears.  There on her front lawn was a horse-drawn carriage complete with a beautiful white thoroughbred horse.  Face was sitting in the carriage dressed in a black tuxedo.  Murdock helped her into the carriage and then sat up front.


"This is incredible.  I feel like I'm going to the King's castle just like Cinderella."


Face smiled as he leaned into her "And tonight you will be treated like a Queen, but I can assure you it won't end at midnight".  He kissed her and Murdock led the horses down the well-lit streets of San Diego.  Cars stopped to take pictures of the couple.  Christina was a little nervous of this at first.


"Why is everyone staring at us?" She asked her husband.


"They're all envious of my beautiful wife," he said. 


"Thank you for the dress it's beautiful." 


"You look breathtaking in it."  She blushed.


Murdock stopped the carriage at a very expensive Italian restaurant.  Face got out and helped Christina down.  "Be back here in an hour and a half" Face told Murdock.  Murdock nodded and drove away.  Face and Christina went inside the restaurant.


They were led to a table near the back that was lit with a single candle.  Face pulled Christina's chair out and then placed her near the table.  After he sat down a waiter came to the table and handed them a menu.


"We'll have two glasses of your finest champagne" Face said as he smiled at his wife.


"Very good, sir and May I say how beautiful your wife is" the waiter said.  Christina blushed as Face replied "She is, isn't she?"


The waiter walked away and Christina looked into Face's eyes and nearly melted as she saw the love reflecting in his blue eyes.


"How is it that you manage to make all my dreams come true without even knowing what I dream about?" she asked.


"All I ever want to do is make you happy.  You've shown me the deepest love that I've ever known and I can never repay you."  Face replied.


"I'd like to make your dreams come true, too." Christina said.


"You've already made my dream come true.  You became my wife" Face said as he held her hand.


"Surely there's something that I could give you that would make your dreams come true."  She said with a smile.


He looked at her and then spoke softly "There is something that I've been pondering".


"I'll give you anything your heart desires.  Just tell me what it is," she said trying not to sound too curious.


"A baby" he said as he searched her eyes. 


She sat in silence for a long moment then a big smile appeared.  "A baby?  I'd like that."  Face almost breathed a sigh of relief when he heard her answer.


"I think that we should ask each other a few questions though," she said.


"Like what?" he asked.


"Well, while growing up I was passed around from house to house to live with family members.  I'd like for us to do without babysitters and nurseries."  She said.


"I agree.  I don't see a problem with that.  What else?" he asked.


"I don't think that we should go anywhere that our child cannot go.  I think that we shouldn't pawn it off on someone else just because we want a night out.  However, if the guys want to keep the baby then I don't have a problem with that as long as it's not like we intentionally planned a night without the baby.  We should take full responsibility for the child".  She had hoped that she didn't cross any lines with Face but she wanted to say what was in her heart.


"I agree with you completely.  Next?"  Face asked.


"Schools.  Private or public?" she asked.


"I don't have a preference.  I think they both have advantages and disadvantages.  Maybe we should cross that bridge when we get to it.  Anything else?" he asked again.


"Just one.  Tell me the honest truth.  Most men love to hear 'It's a boy'.  Will you be disappointed if it's a girl?" she asked hesitantly.


"Not at all.  If we do have a girl, I hope she grows up to be just like you."  Face said.


"And if it's a boy, I hope it's just like you." She added.


After their meal, they walked outside to find Murdock waiting for them in the horse-drawn carriage.  He rode them to a private cliff that overlooked the city lights.  They got out and Murdock handed them a blanket and then drove off.  He was to meet them later at Face's request via two-way radios.


Face spread the blanket out on the level ground.  They sat down and cuddled next to each other. 


"I can't thank you enough for tonight," Christina said as she laid her head on her husband's shoulder.


"And I can't thank you enough for allowing me to spend the rest of my life with you" he said.


He leaned over, took her face in his hand and kissed her very softly.  His tongue explored her mouth and then traced her lips.  Her right hand caressed the back of his neck as the kiss became more passionate.


Face laid Christina down on her back and leaned over her.  He gently brushed the hair away from her face, smiled lovingly and then kissed her again.  Her fingers found their way to his buttons on his shirt and unbuttoned them slowly.  She once again wrapped her hand behind his neck and drew him closer to her. 


His hand slid down her side and then slowly slid underneath her dress.  As his hand found it's way to her center, he stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes with a big smile on his face.  He discovered that she didn't have on anything underneath the dress.  She smiled and then pulled him back down once again to kiss him. 


His finger rubbed her entrance gently from top to bottom making her wiggle underneath him.  Her breathing was becoming heavy.  She now had his shirt off and was starting on his pants when he inserted a finger.  She hurriedly removed his pants and watched him as he took off her dress. 


He made a trail from her lips to her center with his wet, hot tongue.  She reached for his shaft and then began to stroke it alongside the rhythm of his finger.  His eyes became hungry with desire and his breathing shallow.   His mouth sucked gently on her now erect nipples sending a shiver through her body. 


He looked into her eyes and knew by the look on her face that she wanted more than his finger inside of her.  He got on top of her and entered her slowly.  She grabbed his hips and begged for more.  He kept his rhythm slow as his mouth captured hers.  Their tongues entwined and their hands caressed each other's bodies. 


Forty minutes later, Face and Christina both climaxed together.  "I love you," she said as she stared into his eyes.


"And I love you" Face replied as he leaned over her to kiss her lovingly.


They got dressed and then Face radioed for Murdock to come pick them up.  Five minutes later Murdock drove up in the carriage.


"Can we go dancing now?" Christina asked Face.  He took her hand in his and said "Sure.  We'll do anything you want to do.  It's your night."


Murdock drove them to a local dance club where they spent the next two hours slow dancing.  During that time three different men asked Christina to dance while she and Face were slow dancing.  Face let them know that she was taken. 


"I guess I should have made you wear a sign that said 'Back Off  - I'm married,'" Face said jokingly.


She laughed and said "Now you know how I feel when we go somewhere.  It seems every woman within a one mile radius starts drooling over you."


He smiled and then said "You're not jealous are you?"


"Not at all.  I know you only have eyes for me.  I can't really blame all those women, though.  I can't keep my eyes off of you either" she smiled with a glimmer in her eyes.


He held her close as they slow danced and he kissed her passionately.  She could have sworn she heard a girl in the background say 'Man, I wish I were her right now'.  She just smiled and kissed her husband.


After they got through dancing, Christina requested that they go to the beach.  Murdock happily drove them there.  They got out of the carriage and walked hand in hand along the shore by the light of the full moon. 


"The moon is so beautiful, isn't it?" She asked.  He replied, "It sure is".


They sat down on the blanket they had earlier and began to talk.


"Chris?" he asked.


"Hmm?" she said with her head on his shoulder.


"Do you ever think about what it would have been like if our baby had lived?"


She looked into his eyes and softly said "Every day.  I keep wondering what it would have been.  I even picture baby things around the house like a highchair, crib, and even a car seat.  Is that crazy?" she asked.


"Not at all" he said shaking his head no.


"Do you think about it?" she asked him.


"All the time.  It would have been almost a year old now" he replied.


"I have dreams about it.  I see you in a rocking chair rocking it to sleep.  I can't tell if it's a boy or a girl.  I open the blanket that it's wrapped in.  When I open the blanket, the baby is covered in blood.  Then I wake up."  She began to tremble as he held her close. 


"You should have told me that you were having those dreams.  We could have tried to work through it together," he said.


"I didn't want to upset you.  I wasn't even sure if you were having the same type of thoughts as me," she said.


"I guess we should have discussed this earlier, huh?" She asked.


"From now on, if something's bother us, we should go to the other one and talk about it" Face said to her.


She nodded with a single tear rolling down her cheek and then gave him a hug.  He pulled her away from him and wiped the tear from her face.  "He won't be able to hurt you or our baby anymore.  You know that, don't you?" he asked.


She nodded and then replied "I know.  There's just a small part of me that's still afraid of him."  He held her close and then kissed her gently on the forehead. 


"I let you down last time by not protecting you like I should have and you ended up shot.  I won't let you down again, I promise."


She shook her head no and said "You didn't let me down.  He caught us all by surprise.  He was real good at that".


"Yeah, well that's over now.  We all made sure of that" Face replied.

Face stood up and reached out his hand for his wife.  "Come on.  Let's go."  She took his hand, stood up and walked with him back to the carriage where Murdock was curled up in the carriage asleep.  They both smiled and lightly laughed at the sight. 


Christina got in the carriage, sat down beside Murdock and gently shook his shoulder.  "Murdock?" she said softly.  No movement.


She tried again but with a little more force behind her nudge.  "Murdock?" she called.  She looked back at Face and started laughing quietly.  Murdock slowly opened his eyes and saw Christina smiling up at him. 


He sat up and then said "Sorry, guys."  They just laughed and said "No problem, Murdock.  We're ready to go back to the house - that is if you're not too sleepy to drive" Christina said.  He shook his head no and drove them home.


Three weeks later…………..


B.A. and Hannibal were on the couch watching a football game on television.  Face was in his recliner reading the paper.  Murdock and Christina were in the kitchen finishing up the dishes from dinner. 


Christina fixed the guys some lemonade and carried it to them.  She made a second trip to carry B.A. some peanuts to eat.  As she started back into the kitchen, she fell to her knees.  Face immediately got up and raced to her side as he called her name. 


"Christina?" he asked as he knelt down beside her.  The rest of the team was right there beside her now.  She held onto Face and Murdock as they helped her up.  Hannibal placed his hand on her back to make sure she didn't fall backwards.


"I'm okay.  I just felt a little dizzy, that's all" she said.  She then got very nauseated and ran to the bathroom in the hall.  She barely made it.  Face ran after her and closed the door behind them.  He got a bath cloth and wet it in cold water.  He waited for her to finish and then washed her face and mouth.  She brushed her teeth and then sat on the countertop in the bathroom.


"You okay?" he asked her.  She shook her head yes and then spoke "Yeah.  I don't understand.  I felt fine up until a few minutes ago".


"I want you to go lie down and if you're not better by tomorrow I'm taking you to the doctor" Face stated sternly.  She nodded and went to the bedroom to rest.


Face went back into the living room where the rest of the team was really worried about Christina.  "Is she okay?" B.A. asked.


Face nodded. "I think so.  If not, I'm taking her to the doctor tomorrow".


Before morning had come, Christina had vomited around five times.  When morning did come, it brought along sharp stomach cramps.  She woke Face up screaming.  He told the others that he was taking her to the hospital and then left the house with his wife in his arms.


One mile down the road, Christina pleaded "Pull over".  Face pulled over and Christina opened the door and vomited again.  She closed the car door and looked over at Face and said "I can't take much more of this".  Once again she started screaming from the stomach cramps.   Face placed his hand on her leg and tried to comfort her.


Face began to drive again and said "We'll be at the hospital soon.  Try and relax".  She laughed at the thought.  They soon pulled up to the Emergency entrance at the hospital.


Face picked Christina up in his arms and took her inside.  Dr. Kelly Brackett was standing in the hall when he saw Face.


"Christina?" Dr. Brackett asked as he raced to her.


"She's been vomiting since yesterday afternoon and now she's got stomach cramps," Face said.


"Bring her in here" Doctor Brackett said motioning him into one of the exam rooms.

Face laid her down on the exam table and then stood back out of the way.  Dr. Brackett took a vial of Christina's blood and had it sent to the lab.  Christina once again started vomiting and then curled up in a ball screaming loudly with stomach cramps.  Face looked helpless.


"Please make them stop," she pleaded with the doctor.  Dr. Brackett placed his hand on her forehead and stated, "She's burning up".  Dixie got some cold water and washed Christina's face. 


"Face, help me hold her down" Doctor Brackett asked.  Face did as he was asked and held his wife's arms down.  "Can't you do something?" Face begged the doctor as his wife continued to scream from the pain in her stomach.


"I'm going to give her a sedative" the doctor replied.  He gave her an injection in her arm and in less than two minutes she was calming down.  After about five minutes, she fell asleep.


An hour later she awoke to find her husband holding her hand as he sat beside her.  "Hey, sweetie" Face said as he brushed her hair out of her eyes.


"Hi" she said weakly.  The doctor came in and walked up to Christina.


"Doc, what's going on?  What's wrong with me?" She asked.


"You've got a virus," he said.


"I sorta figured that out.  What caused it?" she asked.


"According to the lab results, it wasn't caused by food or any human contact".  Christina and Face were now puzzled.


"If she didn't get it from food or a person, where did she get it?" Face asked.


"I'm not sure.  I was hoping she could shed some light on that.  The lab results show that it was transmitted from an animal," the doctor said.


"An animal?" Face asked.  "That's right.  Christina, have you been around any animals within the last forty-eight hours?" the doctor asked.


She held her hand up to her face and said "Oh, no.  I fell asleep curled up next to Marlow yesterday morning because he wasn't feeling good."


"Marlow?  Rick's dog?" Face asked.  She nodded her head.


"You're going to have to call Rick and get that dog to a vet.  He's a very sick animal." The doctor said.


"You mean to tell me that a dog did this to her?" Face questioned the doctor.


"I'm afraid so" he replied.


The doctor gave Christina some medicine that would get rid of the virus that she had.  Face called Rick and let him know the situation with Christina.  Rick felt real bad about Marlow making Christina sick.  He said that he would take Marlow to the vet immediately.  It turned out that Marlow had a viral infection too. 


After a visit to the vet, Marlow was sent home with some medicine that got him back to his normal self. 


A month later, Face and Christina were lying in bed getting ready to go to sleep when Face said "I thought that we agreed to have a baby?"


She smiled and said "I guess we got side-tracked, huh?"  He laughed and then leaned over to kiss her.  "I think we should get back on track, don't you?" he asked.


"Well, trying to make one is the best part" she said with a smile.  "Well, then.  What are we waiting for?" he asked as he leaned down to kiss her.


His hand rested on her stomach as she leaned into his kiss.  She could feel the heat from his hand through her silky fabric of her nightgown.  She slowly slid her hand down to his pajama bottoms and caressed his shaft through the flannel material.  He let out a soft moan and then he lightly licked the side of her neck.  This sent shivers down her body.


His fingers gathered the silky gown and forced it over her stomach exposing her flat stomach and silk thong underwear.  She looked into his eyes and said "I'm so in love with you".  He kissed her ever so softly and said "And I love you".


He removed her gown and underwear and then slipped out of his pajama bottoms.  She ran her hands over his tight muscled chest.  His mouth enveloped her breasts making each nipple hard and erect.  He slid on top of her and entered her.  She pulled him closer to her begging for more.  His eyes were hungry with desire.  He quickened his pace and then after thirty minutes, they climaxed together.  They fell asleep in each other's arms.


The next day Christina was in the bathroom cleaning the mirror and vanity when Face walked in. 


"What are you doing?" he asked.


"I'm cleaning the bathroom just like I do every day" she replied.


"Do you really think that's a good idea?" he asked.


She asked "Well if I don't then the germs will cause us to get sick.  So, yeah.  I think it's a good idea."


"What if you're…" he asked.


"What if I'm what?"


"You know.  What if you're…" he asked again.


She laughed and said "Face, we just made love last night.  I don't know if I am or not.  Besides, it wouldn't matter if I were.  It's sleeping in a waterbed remember?"


"I know but maybe the cleaners that you're using can make it sick".


"I don't believe this.  Face, are you going to be this protective of me when we do find out that I am?" she asked smiling.


"I just want it to be healthy, that's all".


"I know and I appreciate it, but I think it's going to be okay.  When I do get pregnant I can't just sit down and do nothing for the whole nine months.  It's not going to hurt the baby or me.  Just chill out".


"I can't help it.  But I'll try not to freak out every time I see you doing something.  Okay?" he asked as he held her in his arms.


"Okay" she said as she kissed him.


Three weeks later, Christina came home from shopping to find the team gone out.  She saw a note on the table from Face saying they would be back in an hour.  'This will be perfect.  It will give me just enough time' she thought.


She pulled out the pregnancy test that she had bought at the store and went to the bathroom in her bedroom to take the test. 


When the team came home, Christina handed each one of them their mail for that day.  They all sat down in the living room and read through theirs.  Face opened the last envelope and found a card from Christina.  Inside was written, "Any one can be a Father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy".  He looked up at Christina and then stood up.  He walked over to her and looked her right in the eyes.  She slightly nodded her head yes with a big smile on her face. 


The rest of the team was watching as their curiosity ran wild.  Face got a huge grin on his face and then picked his wife up, whirled her around in a circle and hugged her.  "We did it" Face shouted.


"We did it" Christina repeated with a big grin on her face too.


They turned around and Face shouted "We're going to have a baby!" The team was ecstatic.  They all hugged Face and Christina.  "Did you hear that, Billy?  We're going to have a baby around here soon!" Murdock exclaimed.


"Ain't no stupid dog, fool.  You just talkin' to air" B.A. growled.  "Is too a dog" Murdock shot back.


Christina looked at Face and smiled "If parenting is similar to this, then I think we should do just fine".  Hannibal and Face laughed.  B.A. started toward Murdock, but Murdock shot down the stairs to the basement before B.A. could get to him.


As the months flew by, Christina had no trouble at all during her pregnancy.  The guys all helped out around the house.  Each one of them was very protective over her.  The day of her delivery was finally at hand.  It was a Friday morning around 7 a.m.  Christina was in the bathroom where she had just finished putting her makeup on when her water broke.  Face was in the kitchen with the rest of the guys eating breakfast.  She calmly cleaned herself up and walked into the kitchen.


"Face" she said as she walked over to the refrigerator and got some orange juice.


"Yeah, honey" he replied.


"My water broke about five minutes ago.  We should go ahead and head to the hospital".


Face looked up from over his coffee mug, his eyes widened with panic.  "It's time?" he asked.  "Yeah.  Will you put the suitcase in the van?" she asked.


Face got up quickly and ran to the bedroom after bumping into Murdock.  Murdock looked at Christina and asked "What's wrong with Faceman?"  She started laughing and said "I told him it was time for the baby and he starts freaking out".  The guys go back to Face's bedroom and try to calm him down.


"Baby.  We're going to have a baby," Face kept mumbling while looking around for the suitcase.  Hannibal opened the closet door and got Christina's luggage out and carried it to the van, all the while he was laughing at Face.  Murdock and B.A. led Face to the car after putting Christina in the middle seat.  Face sat beside his wife and kept mumbling over and over "Baby.  We're going to have a baby".  B.A. drove while Hannibal, Murdock and Christina kept laughing at Face all the way to the hospital.


Eight hours later, Christina and Face were the proud parents of a precious little baby boy.  They gave him the name of Trevor Alexander Peck.  Murdock, Hannibal and B.A. walked into Christina's room and saw Face sitting on the bed holding their son in his arms.


"He's so perfect" Face said.  The guys gathered in for a closer look.  The baby had sandy brown hair and the most beautiful blue eyes just like his father. 


"Trevor, this is your Uncle Murdock, Uncle B.A. and Uncle Hannibal" Face said as he held the tiny hand in his.  Hannibal leaned over and kissed Christina on the cheek and said "You did good, kid.  You did real good".


She smiled and said "Thanks, Hannibal".


Each one took turns holding the small bundle as Face wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her ever so gently.  "I love you" he said.  She smiled and said, "I love you, too".





And Baby Makes Six by Facefreak



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