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by lovpeppard

Rated: PG-13 (at least for now, don't know where it will go)
Summary: Douglas Kyle meets his lookalike cousin in Bad Rock.
Warnings: None, yet.... don't think it will get too explicit, but who knows. Will warn if it does.
Disclaimer: A-Team characters were created by Cannell and Lupo and are owned by Universal.


Part 1


"Hot damn, I don't believe it!" The man looking through the binoculars felt the wide smile creep across his face in spite of
himself. "There he is... a damned dead ringer for me." He shook his head in mild disbelief, having had time to grow accustomed to the idea. He pulled the binocs down and handed them to his second. "You were right... dead right. I love it!"

The black man took the lenses and took a last look himself. It had been the most incredible set of flukes... finding this man,
the family connection... and with him an extra added incentive. The A-Team were known to frequent the area. The second smiled himself. A few dollars well placed in bars and drinks for the house had quickly opened up otherwise reticent tongues. "Yup. I thought you would. And the real hoot is he's the sheriff - can you dig that?"

The man smiled thinly, the most you would ever get out of him. "I do love it, to paraphrase a certain friend of ours." He began to hike over to the jeep. "Well, I think it's about time I formally introduced myself to my long- lost cousin." With that, Douglas Kyle jumped into the jeep, relishing the havoc he was about to wreak in numerous lives.



Part 2


Hank Thompson was dusting his office one last time. It didn't matter that he'd already done it five times in the previous
hour; he just wanted it perfect. He usually wasn't this fluttery about anything in his life with, perhaps, the exception of Maggie
Sullivan. But since Hannibal Smith had come into her life that was a lost cause. Hank finally and firmly told his inner conscience that the office was done, was fine and to leave it be.

Not having much family left in his later years, this meeting was important and he really did want to favorably impress his newly
found cousin. He'd had no idea that there had been another sister in his grandfather's family and that she carried the family genes so strongly. Probably, because she'd been a black sheep, she'd been erased, so to speak, from the family records. It had been a minor revelation to find out about her. He'd been a little leery when the first letter had come announcing the new addition to his family, but when he'd seen the picture that came with it, there was no doubt - none at all. It was his face looking back at him. Maybe a little more haggard, a bit more lean, certainly with less hair... He grinned at the thought. Yup, I'm the definitely handsomer of the two of us.

But then Cousin Douglas had had a rougher life considering the very brief biography he'd enclosed with the letter and photo. The man had been busy, no doubt, what with a military background and then living as a real, god be damned mercenary in hot spots over the world. Without the security of family and career that he, Hank, had been fortunate enough to have, he could see where the man had gotten the lean, even hungry, look. Hank's mind briefly switched to another man of the same mold, Hannibal Smith, his friend - his nemesis (at least in the arts of love). Sighing, he decided he didn't really want to follow the track that thought was leading to and shut all the ruminations off cold.

Hank looked around the office for one last time and then decided to stand out on the stoop to get a breath of fresh air. He
adjusted his uniform one last time, looked at his watch, and sighed. He was looking forward to this, he really was, but jitters were still there about this new person about to move in to his life. Family wasn't always a 'good' thing. And getting this one dumped on the doorstep in such a sudden manner tickled the little hairs of his cop instincts. What IS with all this suspicion, Hank? F'chrissakes, he's your family, dammit!

The phone rang, startling him out of his reverie. "Hello, Sheriff Thompson here."

"Hi, Hank. Maggie here. My, we are being officious today."

He grinned. He always loved hearing from this lady for whatever reason. He was damned glad that Hannibal's initial interest and then conquest of her hadn't driven a permanent wedge between the three of them. He liked Hannibal, he really did, except on this one small point. But Smith was pragmatic enough to realize he couldn't stay around the area for long periods of time and so the sheriff would be the best friend he and Maggie would have - it had made good sense not to alienate him.

"Yuh, well, ummm, you know waiting doesn't work well with me."

"Just like someone else I know. Be patient, love, he'll be there soon. Are you ready?"

"As ready as I can be, I guess. It's weird. Here for all this time I've been basically an orphan after the old man died, and now suddenly I've got one of my own show up. I'm still getting used to the idea."

"Well, when you all have finished with all your catching up," her throaty voice dropped an octave, "oh in about a week or so..."

He heard the chuckle there and responded in kind. "I don't think so, Mo. We'll be seeing you in a day or so, trust me."

"Hmmm. Y'know Hannibal's supposed to be coming up in a few days. Maybe we can take in a quick camping day or hike. That might be fun."

"Do you really think that's a good idea? This guy might have government connections, for all we know. I'm sure Hannibal wouldn't
be too keen on getting his cover here blown."

"Yeah, you're right. Thought we could get together, not necessarily give out names, y'know?" Her voice sounded worried over
the slip she'd just made. She'd become too comfortable in being able to have Hannibal come to Bad Rock in safety. "Well, a steak dinner is definitely on the cards for you and cousin... what did you say his name was?"

"Douglas, Douglas Jones."

"Right. Well, go back to your waiting, and don't wear too big a track in the carpet." Her chuckle reached though the phone lines and brought another grin to his face.

"Mo, we don't HAVE carpeting in the office!"

"I *know*, sweetie. Have a good day" On that, she hung up.

"Aw, what the hell." With that he turned back to the inner office, shutting the door behind him and sat down to commence to wait
- with his usual patience in such matters.



Family Resemblance 1-2 by lovpeppard



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