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A Kiwi Holiday PG

A Kiwi Holiday
By Tans

Rated PG

Summary: the Team come to New Zealand for a holiday. POV.
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Note I'm from NZ.

Part 1


Hello I'm waiting at Aucklands Air port for the A-Team. My name is Billie Fox and I'm going to show the team around places like
Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua and Wellington they have a very cool museum down there. I'm friends with Amy Allen we are pen pals.

I see the plane coming in. They are now getting off the plane I see Amy with the guys "Billie" Amy cried out I ran up to her.

"Billie this is Hannibal, BA, Murdock and Faceman" Amy said "Guys this is Billie Fox"

"Hey welcome to New Zealand"

"Thanks" they all say together we go to the van that I hired my car is too small. They got me to drive. Face is sitting right next to
me "so the drivers wheel is on your right over here?" he asked "Yeah" I say.

We got to a motor inn, in Auckland to say the night in. Tomorrow we are going to Rainbows End its great over there lots of fun rides the roller coaster and more. They are here in NZ for about 2 weeks.

Well its about 12 at night the team are asleep so I'm going to go to bed now. See-ya later.



Part 2


Good morning Its me Billie. Well its about 9am and we are getting ready for Rainbows End its at Manukauand its cross the road from a big shopping mall.

We are in the van now Face is sitting next to me (man he's cute)

We pull up at Rainbows End and got out of the van Murdock and Amy are looking at the place. "This place looks great Billie" Amy said. "It is" I say "and there is a new ride that opens today"

The others walk up to me and we went to the gates and we got all day passes. "Hey guys I know a great ride its the one that just open today" I told them "Its called "Fear Fall" 18 stories up and 80 km/h down".

We went on all the rides and I have to say that the best rides are the cruise ship and the simulator and oh yes Fear fall.

"Tomorrow we're going to Hamilton" I tell the team "its about 2 hours away from here" I tell the team as we walk outside to the van.

"Today was great" Face said to me and so did the others.

"I'm happy that you all liked it" I said "what do you all want for dinner?" I asked driving back on the motor way.

"Do you have Burger Heaven?" Murdock asked from the back of the van.

Looking at Hannibal who's sitting next to me now "Ah Hannibal this may sound dumb, but what's a Burger Heaven?"

"It's a take out food place"

"Oh, sorry Murdock but we don't have that here" I said "How about McDonalds?" they all said "Ok".

We had dinner and had a look around town me and Amy did some shopping and then we went back to the motor inn.

Well its been a busy day so I'm going to go to bed. Tomorrow we are going to go to Hamilton. Then we are going to Rotorua a great tourism town well got to go goodnight.

Part 3


We are now on our way to Hamilton and we are just about there.

An hour later we are there we walked around the town and went car racing, Amy, Face and I was in one car and the other were in the other. we had lots of fun.

After the car race we were going to go to Rotorua.

About after some time we are at Rotorua and went to find a place to stay we got a place at the lakeside motor inn. Its about
4:30 pm "Hey guys I know a great place to have dinner tonight."

"What's that?" BA asked and the others are looking at me.

"It's a three hour cruise called "The Lakeland Queen it takes you around lake Rotorua"

"Sound great Billie" Hannibal said

We got to the cruise and had a great time and after that we got back and its about 11.30 pm and tomorrow we have a busy day. See-ya.



Part 4


"Well guys Rotorua is known for its tourism places" I said as we were walking out to the van. I had to put gas in the van and after
that we started the day.

We headed out to "The ZORB" we got out and walked over to the people that run it.

"Zorbing is great fun" I told the team "Billie what is Zorbing?" Murdock asked.

"Well its when you zoom 200 meters down hill cushioned inside a huge plastic ball "The ZORB" or you can go on the wash cycle its a cross over between a waterfall and a roller coaster" I told them "so who wants a go?"

"I will give it a go" Face said looking at me. The others said that they will just watch.

So me and Face were taken up the hill and were set up and were ready to go. The people that own it let us go rolling down the hill we had one each it was a race down the hill.

Going around and around.

We got to the ground and got out of our Zorbs. "That was great" Face yelled out.

We went back to the van and it was around about lunch time so we went to the "Skyline Skyrides"

We were taken up in the Gondolas to the food place it was about 200m ride up.

We had lunch and walked to the "Luge" its a great fun ride you can race your friends up to 45 kph down and along the kilometer long track. With specially designed go-carts. And to get back up they have open air chair lifts that carries you and the cart so you can race again.

Racing down I saw Face and Amy coming up next to me and I can hear Face calling out to me at Amy "Race ya" so we did it was alot of fun. About three hours later we stopped and got back on the gondolas to go back down. Amy, Face and me were in one and Hannibal, Murdock and BA were in the other,

We had Pizza Hut to eat. After that we went back to the motor inn and talked for hours about what to do tomorrow. Have to go for now. See-ya





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