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This is the challenge

by Susie

Rated G

Summary: Billy's Day third challenge. Oh wait and see
Disclaimer: Don't own them.


Murdock and Billy were eating breakfast. They were
eating Lucky Charms. Suddenly Billy super sonic
hearing hear the cried for help.

"Help Help. Will someone please save me a poor damsel
in distress."

Billy barked at Murdock.

"Right Billy it's a damsel in distress. Quick Billy
to the Murdock's poles."

The slip down their poles and became Murman and Billy
the dog wonder and they ran out and saw that the
evil villain Lynchman had the helpless reporter Amy

"Let her go you evil doer."

Lynchman sneer. "Try and stop me Murman."

"I will not stop you. But Billy the wonder dog will."

"There is no dog fool."

Murman ignore the voice in his head. "Stop him Billy
The wonder dog."

Billy flew at Lynchman and with his super speed tied
him up.

"Oh my hero," said reporter Amy Allen as she shower
him with kisses.

"Hey what about Murman."

Amy looked up. "Did you rescue me?"

"Well no."

"Hum enough said."

The End

Help by Susie Owens



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