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Title : Billy's Day

Billy's Day
by Susie Owens

Rated: G
Summary: What does Billy do when Murdock gone
Disclaimer: Don't own them or Billy
Author Notes: Happy Billy Day This is not beta just spell check

Billy watched his master leave with the blond man.
Then decided to go thought his day. He headed down
the halls and outside. As he walk down the street he
headed for his favorite place The meat market. When he
got there the meat man Mr. Mario was being robbed.
Billy growled and attacked the robber. The robber
started screaming.

"The Devil wants my soul please help me!"

Everyone stood there because they didn't understand
why the robber was acting like a dog or something
was attacking him.

"Please get him off of me. Please someone safe me. I
will go straight I promise. I will be good."

A policeman walked up to the robber. "On your feet."

Billy seeing that the policeman had the robber let go
of him. The robber thanking he was spared by The
Devil fell to the ground on his knee.

"Thank you. I will keep my promise as soon as I
get out of jail I will devoted myself to doing good
for now and always."

Billy walked over to Mr. Mario and barked. Mr. Mario
turned and walked back inside his store, Billy
followed him. He watched as Mr. Mario got his special
treat ready. Then Mr. Mario took it out back where
Billy ate it all up. Then Billy went on down the
street. Soon he came to Miss Peel 's flower shop.
She was searching for something. He stop and listen to

"Oh where are they? Here kitties, kitties, kitties.
Oh where are my darling babies?"

Billy sneeze and shook his head. He decide to help
find the kittens. He knew there were three of them.
He found the first one in the red flower part and
place him back in the basket. The second one in the
dirt ,place her back in the basket and the third
one in the front of the store and place him back in
the basket. Then he told them to stay or the
boogie-dog would get them and they listened so when
Miss Peel came and looked again her babies were safe
in the basket. She was so happy and hug them. Billy
wag his tail and when on down the street. Soon he
saw Jigger another invisible dog that had no owner.
Jigger was a big black dog a junk yard dog. Billy
knew who would make him a great master. So Billy
took Jigger to Mr. Silver a lonely junk dealer
man. Mr. Silver like Murdock could see beyond the
sight of normal men and could see Billy.

"Hey Billy who you got there?"

Billy bark and told Jigger to go the Mr. Silver.
Mr. Silver bend down and called Trigger.

"Here boy."

Jigger looked at Billy. Billy nodded his head and
Jigger went to Mr. Silver.

"Thanks Billy. I will take good care of him."

Billy bark and then headed for home. He got there
long before Murdock. When Murdock came in he saw
him on the bed.

"You still on the bed Billy boy. You sure are
lucky man I had a very tiring day. You sure are
lucky to be a dog."

Billy just put his paws over his eyes and went to

The End


Billy's Day by Susie Owens



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