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Title: Musings

by A. Nannie Mouse

Rating: G
Summary: a short look at the relationship between two Team members.
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: This was written for educational purposes only. The characters belong to
Steven J. Cannel Productions and Universal. No copyright infringement intended. The plot is mine; all mine.
Notes: Any suggestions or corrections are welcome. I am trying to learn here.



They were so old that even they did not know their beginnings. Humans had many names for them. When they were playful, they were called pixies or fairies. When they whispered creativity and spawned genius, they were called muses. When they whispered evil, they were called madness.

Most were harmless creatures. They enjoyed passing through minds and watching what was in them. There were some that enjoyed the chaos of war and would whisper encouragement to the immoral. Some were even benevolent. This was such a one.

It had nudged awareness of nature into great scientists? theory. It had been the bad conscience that had stopped many men from becoming monsters. It had been the playmate of many a lonely child. But this human was special. It had found the man on a battlefield.

The man had just completed a harrowing mission. He then found himself caught in a vicious attack on the base. He was running through the airstrip, desperately seeking a vehicle that could fly. There were none. What attracted the creature was the reason for the desperation. This man was not seeking escape. He was seeking the means to fly into the storm. He had friends to rescue. As the creature watched, it realized that the man was wounded. Not just physically, but emotionally as well. It could see the pain and fear. It could feel the guilt as well. The man was in torment.

The shelling continued. All the man could do was collapse under the ruin of a helicopter and weep. The creature came close to the man and studied him. He was young and strong, but the war had been cruel. This man had suffered. But this mission had done what injury, prison and torture could not. It had killed his hope.

The creature eased up to the man and tried to give comfort. The man couldn't hear it through the crushing pain. The creature snuggled into the man's mind. It would find a way to help.

Over the next year, the creature fought the hopelessness that filled the man. It was not easy. The man's family never came to see him and he had few friends. The hospital was over crowded. Even the best of the staff had little time for individual care. The creature was his only companion. Not that the man knew, at first, that anyone was there. He was lost in the labyrinth of his hurt. If the encouragement was heard at all, it had little effect.

Relief came. Not from the creature, but from the visit of an old friend.

"They're alive. They've been accused of robbing the bank without orders. But they are alive!" Ray had told the nearly catatonic man.

It took time for the words to reach his heart. But when they did, hope was reborn. Now all the creature had to do was encourage the man to speak to his doctor and cooperate with his treatment. That was not easy, but the creature found a way.

Over the years the creature came to love the man. It admired his courage and kindness. They traveled. They helped people. They
played together. Eventually, the creature knew that their days together were numbered. The man was getting well.

The man was sleeping. The creature knew that soon it would have to leave and allow it's friend to re-enter reality completely. It
snuggled close to his neck and gave him a gentle lick. The man shifted.

"I love you too, Billy." he murmured, and went back to sleep.

Musings by A. Nannie Mouse



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