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Christmas Gifts And Miracles

Christmas Gifts And Miracles
by Georgia Bentz

Ratings: PG.
Summary: Pre-Pardons...Christmas in Stockwell's Stockade. Murdock gives gifts to his imprisoned friends, and there is a Christmas rescue and Christmas Miracle involved. Hope you all like it.
Warnings: None so far.


"Jingle Bells...Jingle Bells...Jingle all the way...." HM Murdock sang to the wall as he was putting up his own version of Christmas

Slightly haphazard and hung crookedly on the wall was tinsel, beside him was an oddly decorated tree. He sat back on the balls of his feet and slightly bounced up and down.

He looked at the clock and realized he'd better start spreading his usual Christmas Cheer. This time it included annoying Stockwell at the turn of every second.

He wiped his hands on the front of his khakis. Face would have scolded him for that. But he didn't care. He looked around his
small apartment.

"Well well.....I think this decoratin' can wait. I'm goin' to get the guys some presents before I start spreadin' my usual cheer." He

This year was going to be very different. They'd just gotten blackmailed into working for Stockwell, and this was their first
Christmas away from LA. Face, wasn't handling it too well because being raised in LA he wasn't used to the snow.

Oh Face'd been in snow before, he just wasn't used to it being a constant companion. Murdock shook his head, and went about getting his things ready for the trip into town. He was still working for the underwear inspection company, and he smiled at the thought of actually being able to buy stuff for the guys instead of having Face scam it, or having the others lend him the money so he could buy them stuff.

Now this year, he'd be able to do it the way he wanted it to be done. It didn't matter that they couldn't leave the compound, he'd
try to make it up to them somehow. He stuck his baseball cap in the back pocket of his khakis and took out an old Santa hat.

He put it on his head and grinned at the jingle bell attached to the white pom-pom at the end of the hat. He flicked it and the bell

"Ahhh that's better. I've dispelled the Evil Thoughts and I've replaced 'em with Christmasy ones. Woooohoooo....." He howled a
little, and got his wallet.

That too he stuck in one of his pockets. Then he jingle-jangled his way out the door.

He recited..... "Twas the night before Christmas and all the through the house....Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse....."

He hummed the sentence over and over.

He finally reached town, and he went browsing through all the stores. Mentally he calculated how much money he had, and then he went back to browsing. He looked at the cashier behind her desk and she blushed.

He knew Face would have had a hey-day with her. Practically wining and dining her, before she was falling at his friend's feet. He didn't want to do any flirting though. He was on a mission. He picked out some items, some gift wrap a few bows and a few pens and some paper too.

He was spending Christmas with the Team and he knew he had to pack. He went back home, packed his bag wrapped his presents and headed for Stockwell's Stockade as he'd dubbed the compound. He shivered, he always hated entering this place.

He took a deep breath and was just about to enter when....

"Hey. Nobody can enter this place. These are private grounds." Said a new voice.

Sighing Murdock turned around to look at the Abel. "Listen Junior, they know me in there, and so does Stockwell, which I hope he has enough Christmas Spirit to let me in there and see my friends."

"What friends?" Asked the new guard skeptically.

"Their names are Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith, Sergeant Bosco 'BA' Baracus, and Lieutenant Templeton 'Faceman' Peck. Any other questions? 'Cause I ain't had trouble gettin' in before....." Murdock stated.

Then he flicked at his jingle bell hat. It did indeed 'jingle', and

Murdock spoke again. "Just tell your boss that Santa's here. And that he's brought gifts for everybody. Includin' lumps of coal for
the bad little children."

Finally the guard picked up the phone and Stockwell who seemed to have some Christmas Spirit in him, let Murdock in.

"Thank you much, I'll leave your present right here. And don't worry you've been a semi good kid. I don't think you deserve coal." He skipped into the compound, and was greeted by more unfriendly guards, he bypassed them and ended up at his friends' 'house'.

He knocked and was practically dragged in. They were all smiles, even BA. Sort of if you could count him without a scowl and with a frown still in place on his face.

"Hey Murdock, what'cha got in the backpack?" Asked Frankie.

"Yeah Murdock, you look like you've been busy. What've you been up to? We couldn't reach you at your apartment and we were worried." Face said.

Murdock replied with cheeriness in his voice. "Nothin's wrong. I-I jus' went Christmas shoppin'. An' I gotta little somethin' for
everyone too. Know what else? Them guards out there all deserve lumps'a coal."

He opened his backpack and pulled out nicely wrapped gifts. "This one's for Hannibal. This one's for you Facey, an' this one's for you Big Guy....."

He reached a little further into the backpack and handed a small package to Frankie. Hannibal entered the room, and saw that Murdock was handing out gifts, and grinned even more when Murdock handed Hannibal his gift.

He grinned again and spoke. "Hey Murdock! You've been busy! What's with the hat?"

Murdock grinned right back at his commanding officer. "Well Santa asked me ta keep it for 'im, til Christmas. I told 'im I would, an' I decided ta go Christmas Shoppin'. Got ya all a present...."

His voice trailed off as Stockwell entered. His face grim and his gaze bored into Murdock's steady gaze.

Crisply Stockwell said, "Mr. Murdock. I was hoping you'd have stayed in your own apartment for once. I heard you gave my Abels a hard time. Especially the newest one. Abel 642."

Murdock answered. "Oh? I hadn't notic'd. I was jus' gettin' inta the holiday spirit, which reminds me....I gotta gift for ya. Here ya
go, an' this's for Carla."

He handed the general two lumps of coal each tied with a bright red ribbon. That did it.

Hannibal started to chuckle and that started a chain reaction.

Between gasps of laughter Hannibal blurted out. "I-I'm sorry G-General b-but th-that was priceless...."

Hannibal collapsed into a fit of laughter even more. In fact with the whole team doubled over or flat on their backs with laughter the general could hardly get a word in edgewise.

Stockwell raised his hands and all settled down after a while.

He spoke. "Well Gentlemen as you know next week's Christmas. You shall have Christmas off. But not today. Today you have a mission. A mission of great worth. A mission of peace if you will for this season.

You are needed in a hostage situation, a man and his family have been captured the man was an abel of mine.

His name is Joseph, and his wife Mary and their boy Joey have all been kidnapped. Mary's expecting....About to give birth if I'm not mistaken and they were all on their way back to America when they were kidnapped. An unfortunate accident, but Joseph is a friend of mine. I'd hate to see he or his family hurting like this."

"Sure you would. And what's the catch?" Hannibal asked, lighting a cigar and clamping it between his teeth.

Stockwell answered lightly. "No catch. I assure you. It's a simple snatch and grab. No bombs, no guns, just a little disguise and a little self satisfaction that you are performing a Christmas Miracle."

"Uh-huh and what happens if one of us is kidnapped? Delayed. Or killed?" Face asked.

Stockwell crisply replied. "That I will merely look upon as a snag. I'm sorry gentlemen but that's the best I can do. Good day." He
spun on his heel and left.

"That I will merely look upon as a snag. Murdock mocked. Has he no shame? Has he no conscience? I mean I guess he does deep down inside....But where is it? That's what I'd like to know." Murdock continued.

He paced around the room for a minute, then he looked at his friends. "Wull go 'head open 'em up. I want'cha ta see what m'money went for."

"I think I'll save mine 'til Christmas Day. We didn't go for all the Christmas hype while I was growing up." Frankie remarked.

Murdock nodded and waited to see what the others would say and do. Hannibal and BA both ripped into theirs. BA got some more camouflage bandanas and some gold chains.

Hannibal got another pair of black leather gloves a new beige safari jacket, and of course he got some cigars. Face got a new tie and some new dress shirts and shoes. They were all really happy with their gifts.

"Thanks Pal. These are really nice shirts and shoes, and I think that the tie is just my color." Face remarked.

"I love the safari jacket, I think it'll be my favorite piece of clothing. It's really neat, and thanks for the cigars too Murdock, I
was running low." Hannibal stated.

"Yeh Man, thanks for the bandanas I needed some mo'." BA stated gruffly, as he fingered the gold chains.

BA immediately tied one of the bandanas to his head. He smiled then quickly hid it beneath a growl. He was pleasantly surprised that Murdock went through all this trouble. But it'd been worth it to see Stockwell's face when he got the lumps of coal.

He chuckled a little and soon he was growling at Murdock's insaneness again.

Murdock was pretending he was the Christmas Fairy. Murdock had then begun to 'float' around the room touching everyone with a stick he'd picked up. "I dub thee all free of pressures...."

There was a grunt and a, "Get offa me foo'." And the spell that had been cast was broken and the Team resumed their normalness....Well at least what was normal for them.

General Stockwell walked in, and smirked at them a little. "Well Gentlemen, you leave tomorrow. Mr. Murdock stays here and out of the way...."

"No. He goes. He'll be an asset." Hannibal affirmed. Crossing his arms and staring the general down.

Stockwell heaved a sigh and replied, "All right Mr. Murdock goes. Just this once, and after this I'll be the one to make decisions
around here. But seeing as it is Christmas I'll let it pass."

"So full of Cheer General." Face sarcastically.

Stockwell gravely answered, "Yes well, I don't begrudge people the holiday. Even if I myself does not celebrate it.

And Mr. Murdock I do thank you for the gift. I've been using it for my charcoal drawing." Stockwell said, the smirk never leaving his face.

Murdock glared.

Stockwell continued. "I take it you have a duffle bag with you Mr. Murdock?"

Murdock nodded still glaring at the general.

Hannibal asked. "Where exactly are we going?"

Stockwell smiled maliciously. "Britain. They're in a hotel there. That is all you need to know for now. Good day gentlemen. I'll have your tickets ready tomorrow. You have the rest of the day and the night off."

"Whoopee." Face sarcastically remarked.

He was tired of all this hoopla, as was Hannibal and BA of course. But the Team's 'strong men' rarely expressed their feelings, except when messing with Stockwell's head, and just tugging at his chain for extended periods of time. Like when they would have meetings.

"Well.... What do you guys want to do tonight?" Hannibal asked. Everybody shrugged.

"Might as well follow orders and get packed." Frankie said gloomily.

He picked up his present and went upstairs, leaving the four to themselves.

Hannibal asked. "Now what? Got any plans? Might as well get packed if you don't have any plans."

Murdock sat still in the chair he was sitting on. "I'm already packed." He replied in a monotone.

Hannibal nodded at him, and the others got packed and ready to go. The next day was windy and gray. A dark cloud was on the horizon.

Murdock shivered. "Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, but since we have no place to go, let it snow let
it snow let it snow.... Murdock sang ominously. "How I hate going out in the storm, but if you really hold me tight all the way home I'll be warm...." He continued as ominously as before.

Face turned to him bewilderingly. "Murdock? What's wrong? Having second thoughts in coming?"

Murdock shook his head no. "Naw Faceman I'm okay. Really. Honestly. Absotively posolutely."

He marched on with the others, pulling his jacket closer to himself. His winter parka over his leather jacket. They reached the plane and the pilot nodded at them. Murdock nodded back and went to sit up in the cockpit. So what if Stockwell never let him fly? He was very happy up in the cockpit. Just as long as Stockwell never found out about it.

He jabbered about flying, but the pilot would have none of it, 'til

Murdock asked a question. "Can I take over for a while? I used to be a pilot, an' m'hands are really itchin' ta get 'em on a bird as
nice as this one." He was already slipping a headset over his head.

"I don't believe that's a good idea. The boss'd be very mad at me. I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to leave the cockpit Sir." Murdock
looked over at the pilot, who with his free hand, was holding a gun to his stomach.

"No can do muchacho. See there's this ugly guy drugged in the backseat an' he hates flyin' an' if he gets awake on the plane.... 'Sides he wouldn' take it too kindly iffen he was jostled awake. Then he'd rip somethin' apart. Since he wouldn' be seein' me
an' you was in the cockpit you'd have a nose where your eyes are s'pposed ta be." He smiled benignly at the pilot.

The pilot had of course heard of BA. Through the many reports of the disabled Abels BA'd tossed into the air if he was mad, or if a mission had gone wrong.

"All right I-I guess you can pilot her for a little while. Just for a couple of hours or so. I've gotta make a pit stop anyway." The
pilot hurriedly headed for the bathroom at the back of the plane.

Smiling at the back door for a little bit.

"Ah I thought he'd never leave...." He talked into the headset and spoke loudly. "This is your substitute Captain speaking. Welcome to Miracle Airlines the only airlines where Luck is a lady, where nuts are condiments, and the only place that I, as your pilot can do loop de loops. Sorry Cap'n Chuck, but I'm loop de loopin' 'er."

He loop de looped the plane and finally straightened it out. Face appeared in the cockpit just then.

"Murdock lay off the loops would ja? I'm gettin' a little airsick back there. And BA's stirrin'. Don't want him to wake up now

"You're right Facey Face. I'm sorry. I did get 'er straightened out. See? We're off in the Wild Blue Yonder. See?" He gestured
and said, "An we're right on course too."

He saluted Face. And Face went back to the back of the plane. Muttering about insane pilots and their obsessions with loop de

"Heaven forbid it if Murdock ever has kids, they'll end up just like him." Face muttered some more as he settled in between Frankie and Hannibal and keeping a close eye on BA's still figure.

Finally they landed and that's when all the walkie talkies started crackling. Including BA's, and since he was already out of the
plane, the guys let him stir and answer it.

"What?!" BA screamed into the walkie-talkie.

"What's the matter Stockwell? Mad cause we got here in one piece?" Hannibal asked.

"Oh General you're here to welcome us?" Came Face's sarcastic remark.

But Murdock didn't greet the man. Instead he quickly shut his off, and stood still. Very still surveying their surroundings. He
breathed in the pine scents that emanated from where he stood and he remembered that next week would be Christmas.

"Christmas an' we're stuck 'ere doin' missions. Leas' we're helpin' people Billy."

He turned to the small brown and white dog with floppy ears and mournful eyes. Billy yipped and licked Murdock's outstretched hand. Then the dog lumbered off in search of something that only dogs know what entice them.

Shaking his head he went back to where his Team stood. Including BA. BA was still a little groggy and Murdock knew that the threats would come just as soon as BA wasn't groggy anymore.

Well at least he hadn't crashed the plane, that was the only good thing he thought of this mission, at least so far.

Suddenly he heard Hannibal's voice saying, "Okay. We'll get a map. What's the name of the hotel here? Uh-huh we'll check it out. Right. No weapons. Sure General whatever you say. Sure we didn't bring any....Uh-huh yes we know. The full wrath of you will come upon us. Yes Sir. We're clarified on this fact.....Goodbye General."

He flipped off the walkie-talkie and turned to the others. "By damn he's a headache and a half to deal with. Face you got the guns and grenades?

Face nodded. Good. Hand the duffle bag to me." Face did as he was told.

And suddenly BA started lunging for the nearest available Team member. Which just so happened to be Frankie.

"Who PUT ME ONNA PLANE? I told you all I die before I fly. 'Specially when dhat Crazy Man Fly! Did that Crazy Man Fly

Murdock ambled over to BA. "No. I didn' fly ya. It was one'a Stockwell's goony pilots. 'Cep' the goony boy ain' here, had ta hop
on home ta 'is master. Now quit bein' such'a big baby an' let's get this mission started?"

He looked questioningly at his commanding officer. Hannibal answered and nodded his head in agreement.

"I agree with Murdock. Let's get this mission started already. I'm ready to just be done, and then we can have some vacation time. Even if it's only for one day." Hannibal continued.

There were three nods, and a little gesture coming from Murdock. "Alrighty then we're agreed? Let's get these people out.
Especially if a baby's on the way. Don't want the baby arriving in some hotel room, surrounded by uglies." Hannibal surmised.

The Team all nodded and they went about their task. Hannibal re-opened the lines and he contacted Stockwell again.

"Okay Stockwell, which hotel are they being held at? We need to know that at least."

Stockwell harumphed and Hannibal heard a shuffling of papers. "They're at the Sunrise Hotel. A seedy looking hotel in the
middle of Britain's Down Town district. They have guards in the front the back and the alley ways. It seems impossible for anybody to get in, but you're not just 'anybody' Colonel and I expect this mission to be performed accordingly. Good day."

The line was cut off again, and try as he might Hannibal couldn't get it again. "All right. The Sunrise Hotel. I think we'll need a non-descript car, some disguises and...."

The wheels turned in Hannibal's head and he looked in his pockets for a cigar. Immediately Face handed him a cigar and a lighter.
Hannibal took it and clamped the now lit cigar in between his teeth.

"Take Murdock with you and we'll meet you right back here."

Face nodded and he took Murdock with him. A few minutes later everything was assembled. Face had gotten them all uniforms to pass as hotel workers.

They all slipped in, especially after Face showed off his 'worker's id' and the others did the same. They fanned out and it was Murdock who found The Joseph Family.

Mary looked as if she was starting labor, her forehead had beads of sweat on it. There were guards everywhere and Murdock had to flatten himself against a wall so he'd not be hidden. He spoke into his walkie talkie.

"All righty then. I've found 'em. The mother's about ta start labor it looks like, an' no bead on the father jus' yet. Looks like they
been separated."

A voice crackled on the other end, and to Murdock's relief it was Face. "Okay Murdock. I'll tell Hannibal and BA. Don't make a
move 'til we're altogether sure what's going on. Okay?"

"Roger that Facial-One. I'm closin' the gap. An' I'll be waitin'."

Suddenly Mary screamed out for Joseph, Little Joey scrambled out of the way of the scream and hid in a corner. Guards rushed in and were about to tell her to be quiet when they saw the circumstance they rushed out of the room.

Nobody was guarding Mary or Joey. Murdock spoke into his walkie-talkie again.

"Okay Fellas. The opportunity's jus' presented itself. Permission ta enter the room an' go for Mary an' Joey? I mean this's the perfect ti...."

He gulped as a gun barrel settled on his shoulder. "Don't move Mister. I'm perfectly willing to shoot you here in cold blood. I
don't want to have to resort to such cruelty so if you'll just follow me. I assume you know how to deliver a baby?"

Murdock gulped again and kept his walkie talkie on. That way they could hear what was going on. Fortunately the baddie was a stooge and didn't search him for anything but weapons. He led Murdock to the room.

He looked sympathetically at Mary and tried to smile at Joey. "It'll be okay." The baddie had left the room by this time and Murdock told them of his friends.


Face had found Joseph. At least, fortunately something on this mission was actually going right and there was nobody was guarding the prisoner.

He sneaked in, and shook the man who was asleep on the bed.

"Hey. Are you Joseph?

When the man nodded Face rushed on. My friends and I are here to rescue you."

"Who sent you?" Asked Joseph, his eyes narrowing. His features fixed in a frown.

"If I told you, I don't know if you'd come with us or not. We can go see Hannibal, he's the leader. He'll tell you."

He made the guy get up, and once both were out of the room Face went looking for Murdock.

Suddenly a female's scream filled the air and it was Joseph dragging Face behind him.

"It's Mary, my wife. I'd know that scream anywhere." He ran, and made sure Face was keeping up.

What with his vigorous training he was doing quite well. They reached the room and Joseph skidded to a stop. Face nearly bumped into the man.

Seeing Murdock, Face breathed a sigh of relief. He tried to give Joey a smile, but it didn't work, because then Joey started screaming as well.

Until he saw his father and ran up to him. Joseph picked up his son, and kissed his son's cheek.

Joey said, "Daddy, Mommy's screaming."

Joseph nodded and soon Hannibal and BA made their appearance courtesy of Mary's screaming.

Hannibal spoke. "Okay everybody on the alert. We've got to figure out a way of getting them all out without raising suspicions. Here's my plan. They'll be 'prisoners' again, until we get to the meeting place and meet up with Pilot Chuck."

The Team all nodded, and they prepared things. Mary felt another contraction, but they were twenty-five minutes apart still and
Hannibal surmised they would have to act fast.

Quickly thinking up a scam, they went through it without a hitch and were now waiting for Stockwell's plane.

Joseph smiled. "I thought that's who sent you. I'd recognize that plane anywhere."

He suddenly sobered and said, "I don't want my family seeing him, or be anywhere near him. Much as I respect the guy. But still...."

Hannibal answered, "Hey Joseph we understand. Once we get back to the States I'll have Murdock fly you to whatever state you live in, and he'll personally see you home. How's that sound?"

And that's exactly what they did. Once the guys were all 'safely' back at the compound, Murdock had literally shoved the pilot from the plane, and taxied out again.

Once in the air that's when Mary's contractions started coming closer and closer.

Joseph yelled, "Mr. Murdock? I don't think she's going to make it to Ohio. The labor pains are even closer together now!"

Murdock nodded his head. "Okay. Well....I've not delivered any babies in m'lifetime. But I've seen it done on television.... Lemme
see if I can 'member how they done it.... Get some towels from the bathroom, an' see iffen ya can find a blanket or two. An' bring
little Joey up in 'ere so's he don't gotta watch it. I'll be teachin' 'im ta fly."

Joseph did exactly as he was told, and Murdock told him to get some scissors. Fortunately Stockwell had some in a first aid kit of his.

"Found them!" Joseph exulted.

"Good. Now, support her head an' lift 'er legs....See anythin' yet?"

"Yes! And it's all bloody...." Joseph's voice sounded weak.

Murdock replied again. "Keep a clear head. Let 'er push!"

A few minutes later, and with Joey in the cockpit a baby's cry filled the air, and soon Joseph rushed in with the baby in his arms.

"It's another boy. His name is Jay Murdock Jones."

Murdock blushed. Aww gee...."

They arrived safely in Ohio, and there Murdock called up a cab for them and Joseph called up the hospital. He cleaned out the plane and was soon back in Langley.

He arrived on the doorstep and walked inside, just as Stockwell was de-briefing the Team.

"Ahh so good of you to make your appearance Captain Murdock. Did you enjoy the flight? Was the birth as enjoyable for you as it was for me? And I see they named their son after you. You ought to be flattered."

Murdock frowned. "Gee Stockwell take the wind outta m'sails. Take the 'xcitement outta m'life."

General Stockwell smirked. "That's what I'm here for. Well at least in your case. Good day gentlemen. You all have the rest of the week and Christmas off. I must prepare for the next mission."

Left to their own devices the guys all went to town. They went to Villa Cuchina, and Murdock was immediately offered a job, courtesy of his quick thinking when the owner's daughter accidently tripped and her tray went flying.

Murdock got up and caught the tray before it hit the ground. Tony was so glad that his daughter was all right and nothing was broken on her or the tray.

He took Murdock aside and offered him the job there and then. Murdock agreed and quit his job from the underwear inspection agency almost immediately.

Everyone had a great Christmas. And Frankie liked his gift. His gift was some good hair gel.

Other then the stuff he'd previously put in his hair. It actually looked nice on him, and every one complimented his look.

Murdock grinned, put on his Santa hat again and said, "Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas. And A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

The End (Merry Christmas All!) :)


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