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Hi okay here goes This is only part 1 part 2 is well

Socky In Love
by Susie

Rated: PG
Warning: It is safe
Summary: While on a mission Socky falls in love
Disclaimer: I don't own the A-team or Socky
Copyright 2001
Author Notes: Whenever there this sign * Socky is speaking, this sign $ Knockout , this sign # Lefty and this % Lady Fingers

Part One

Murdock sat in the van looking at Socky. Socky looked very sad. He had no idea what was wrong with his sock friend, only that he seemed so sad. Murdock turned to his friend Face.

"Face?" Murdock shows Socky to Face. "I think that something is bothering Socky. He looks so sad."

Face was about to comment when BA butted in. "That's just a stupid sock that you painted a face on, fool. It can't be sad or happy. It ain't got no feelings. Give me that stupid sock!"

Before Murdock could even blink BA pulled off Socky from his hand and tossed him out the window.

"Nooooooo! "

*" I heard Murdock anguished cried as I landed hard on the road . But what did it matter, that the big guy toss me out of the window like an old sock? My heart was broken. I met this most beautiful girl at the spa, alled Fluff and Dry last week and I was too shy to speak to her. She was so lovely with her long gown and fine slender fingers I watch her as she got into the hot tub To my surprise I was taken into the same hot tub. We whirl around and around together. I wanted to speak to her but I was out of her league. She was high society and I was but a lonely sidekick. What would such a wonderful girl see in me? So I just watched her as she swam gracefully in the hot tub. Watching her weave in and out .She was poetry in motion. Soon I was taken out and place in the stream room. I watched as she was place in another stream room. I suddenly thought I saw her smile at me. But no, I am sure it was just my imagination running away from me".*

"BA!" yelled Murdock "You stop this van right now! You had no right to do that to Socky !"

BA chucked and paid no attention to Murdock.

"BA, stop this van and go back and get Socky! That is an order!"

BA started to open his mouth to protest but Hannibal blue eyes had turn gray and he looked pretty mad. "Do it now BA!"

BA stopped the van and got out and walked up to where he figured Socky had landed .Seeing the sock he pick it up and placed it in his pocket and headed back to the van.

*"It's dark in here. Where am I? I hated dark places. Suddenly I knew I was not alone I could smell him I could smell Knockout."*

$" Hey pip squeak, what in the world is bothering you?"$ The word is pip squeak.

*" Nothing Knockout. I just don't like the dark."*

Knockout said nothing but took Socky out of the dark and gave him to Murdock. Murdock hugged Socky tightly and even though Socky was glad he was back with Murdock, his heart still ached for her the girl he met at the spa.

Hannibal took out his cigar and lit it. "Okay guys, our client is Mrs. Whitterspoon."

"Mrs, Whitterspoon? Hum, looks like we are moving up in the world guys," remarked Face.

Hannibal nodded his head. "Yes, a real classy lady not your type Face."

"Hannibal! Please any woman is my type."

*I wish they would stop. How can they talk about women when my heart is broken? Don't they care?"*

Murdock picked up Socky and held him."I don't know what is wrong with you Socky but I will find out."

*"I smiled at Murdock. At least he cared."*

Socky rested against Murdock chest and when to sleep.


Three hours later, The A Team arrived at Mrs. Whitterspoon's mansion . They drove up to the main house and got out of the van.

"Wow! What a classy place." replied Murdock taking Socky out. "Look Socky. Isn't this breathe taking?"

"Murdock! I am warning you fool quite talkin' to that sock or else."

Murdock glared at BA. "I am not hurting you by talking to Socky. He's needs me right now. He's is very sad and I don't know why."

"All right you two knock it off. We got a client to see." Hannibal scolded. BA and Murdock looked away and said no more as they followed Hannibal and BA up to the main house. Face knocked on the door and soon it was answer by a man.

"Whom may I say is calling?"

Hannibal, with his cigar clenched between his teeth. "Please tell Mrs. Whitterspoon, the A-Team is here."

The man nodded, "Very good sir. Please wait right here."

The man left them in the hallway. Soon Mrs. Whitterspoon came out into the hall. She held out her hand. She was wearing long white opera gloves "Welcome gentlemen."

*My eyes suddenly pop out of my head I couldn't believe it. It was her. It was the girl from the spa."*




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