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Your Eyes: Poem by AlienChilde

Your EyesHannibal Smith

Perhaps some day our eyes will meet
Yours the brightest of blue
Mine dimmed with life's defeat
Your eyes shine so true

You never let the pain inside
When the hurt came I was weak
I knew no choice but to hide
You could never be so meek

Your eyes gaze ahead straight and strong
So full of life and on the jazz
Mine look down afraid of doing some wrong
I fear mine have long ago lost such pizzazz

If only I could meet you I'd be so glad
To finally have someone I could maybe trust
But I think you'd only be mad
Your eyes would turn away in disgust

You'd only hate me so it would seem
My eyes yours would probably never greet
Stll I hold on to the dream
That perhaps some day our eyes will meet


Poem by Alien Childe ©1999

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Your Eyes by AlienChilde