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These challenges have all had responses, but you're welcome to join in! If you have a response, simply email it to either SherryGabs or paxiljunki. (hint: pax is slow as molasses.) Be sure to include:

  • Your Pen Name (not your real name)
  • The title of your response
  • The title of the challenge
  • The response in either plain text, Word, or html

Murdock's Dark Side Challenge from Snickers
Fellow VA Members,

I issue the following challenge. Write a story (whatever length you want) exploring Murdock's dark side. It can take place anytime/anywhere. Feel free to explore his thoughts and feelings or make him the hero in the rescue of a team member(s). Absolutely not allowed is having him roll up into a ball helpless or putting him into a catatonic state. He must be strong and completely aware of himself and his actions. (no crazy "doesn't know what he's doing stuff".) Slash is allowed.

Let's get writing!

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Grey Team Challenge from Sherry
The last post of mine (Then & Now) gave me an idea for a challenge. Just what would the Team be doing in their senior years? Would they still be able to help those who have been wronged? Could they still go after the corrupted malcontents they used to go up against?

Your challenge is to write a story where the Team are all senior citizens. They come across a problem that involves them getting together as the Team they were years before. To the best of their abilities, at least. It can be of any length, comedy or drama, whatever content you want. I only ask that they all still be around with Hannibal still being about 20 years older than the other three.

Hope some of you can work up something for this. It could be fun:)

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500 Word Challenge from Bloo

Right, I have dropped the glove and am challenging the VA to a challenge of wit which will include sveral little tasks to do, this being the first. You have to write a short, no longer than 500 word which is heavily influenced by TAT. You all have to include the following items/word:

  • Flashlight
  • Train set
  • Floppy disk
  • Persian cat
  • An ant farm
  • Dancing gorilla
  • Deoderant spray
  • Double chocolate sponge cake
  • Jam donut
  • Dictionary
  • G-String
  • Jacuzzi
  • Car wax
  • A book on Judo
  • Box of waterproof matches
  • A stop sign
  • CD of 30 Children's playground songs
  • Yo-yo
  • Magnet
  • The video of Face/off
  • Computer game - Toonstruck

Now, when you include a word off the list, put it in these brackets [... ]. You must use them all to complete the challenge, which means you will go onto the next stage - the person who get's through this completing ALL tasks is the TAT queen/king of March, then I'll set some other tasks and so on, It's a friendly thing and if you don't want to participate - that's fine by me - I just though some of youz might like a little challenge!!

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500 Word Challenge Part 2 from Bloo

Now onto the second part!You have to write an essay about your fav TAT character - and it has to have real as well as bogus reasons for your choice. Must be under 500 words AND include the following...

  • Handbag
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Baby oil
  • Porche

REMEMBER: this is not a story, it is factual, coming from your POV.

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All I Want For X-Mas Is A Catfight Challenge from Pax
Submit a short story in which the team celebrates x-mas with both Tanya and Amy. the two women must fight (physically brawl) in the same room with an x-mas tree. bonus points if food items, pressies, decorations, or candles are involved. write in any style or rating you like, but keep it on the short side and submit to: paxiljunki@ateamfanfic.org. All stories subject to archiving. Deadline is December 31.

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A-Team In Time Challenge from Murdock's Doc
Hello all, This little challenge originally started out as a though for another story. Unfortunately this particular story idea is about 8th in line behind my current series and other stuff under development. To be honest, I getting a little impatient for it's appearance as a story. SOOOO I'm issuing it as a challenge to see what others can do. I know it's sorta like "Time Travelers" but this is along the lines of reincarnation and who the guys were in a different life.

Challenge: Take the story starter below and write a fic where the A-Team experiences a former life. You get to pick the time in history, any event, the identity, relationship, and sex of each of the A-Team's former personality. (Like Face was Helen of Troy in a former life, or B.A. was Hercules, Hannibal was Hannibal and so on) Most of all have fun! Archive: Please archive this challenge - if you think it's original enough

Challenge Title: A Team in Time - (Fill in with your own title)


The sound of automatic gunfire crackled heavily in the night air was followed by the sound of shouts and heavy footfalls on the run.

"What's the plan Colonel?" Lieutenant Templeton "Face" Peck asked between heavy gulps for air.

"It was your idea to bring Murdock to the carnival sucker," Sergeant "B.A." Baracus snapped out as he poked his head around the corner of the tent to see if anyone had followed.

"Quiet down guys," Lieutenant Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith ordered as he joined B.A. at the corner.

"How was I suppose to know that Decker and his goons would be here?" Peck whined between breaths.

"Ah Facey, it bein Military Appreciation Day and all, maybe ya shoulda been able to figure it out." Captain H.M. "Howlin' Mad" Murdock suggested innocently as he stood by his friend.

Face glared at his friend coldly, "Thanks Murdock, I really appreciate your support."

Murdock threw an arm over his best friends shoulder and smiled, "Any time."

Hannibal tapped on B.A.'s arm and turned. "Here they come, we'll hide in that tent over there," he said pointed towards a tent with the sign "Madame Sophia's Fourtune Telling" displayed over the doorway.

"Oh goodie!" Murdock said with glee, "Always wanted to know my future."

"Shut up fool," B.A. growled as he pushed his friends towards the tent.

Inside the tent, the four men ducked behind several brightly colored panels, where they listened to the shouting of their pursuers. "I saw them over here, everyone spread out and check the tents."

Holding their breath's the A-Team waited as they heard the flap of Madame Sophia's tent being opened. All eyes opened wide when they heard a voice.

"My price is two dollars," an elderly woman said.

"Ah, did you see anyone come in ma'me?" A soldier asked politely.

"Only you have come for your future," the woman responded in an eerie voice.

"Thank you," the soldier replied nervously, "If you see anyone please let Colonel Decker know." The flaps of the tent rattled again and the soldier was gone.

"I see all," the woman said in a voice that seemed to mystically echo around the tent. When the woman began to hum, the four men hidden in her tent exchanged curious looks. The humming ended after a moment and the woman spoke again, "From the dawn of time four souls stand united against the evil of this world. Kings, princes, brothers, fathers, they are forever together in time."

Her voice was almost hypnotizing, and Murdock was the first to fall under the spell. Easing out of his hiding place he moved towards the woman.

"No boundary exists for these souls who forever dance through birth and death, never apart." The woman said hauntingly as she watched the first man approach her. "Friends, lovers, son's and daughters, time over time together."

"Murdock" Face hissed under his breath when he noticed his friend's departure. Curiosity got the best of him as he peeked around the panel and watched as his friend became engrossed in the old woman's words. 'Lovers?' he wondered to himself, 'That's sick.' Still, he found himself moving closer to stand beside his friend.

"Come forth eternal souls," the woman said, in a voice almost like a song, "Your past is your future, united together." Hannibal and B.A. slipped out from behind the panels and approached the other half of their team. "We're sorry to disturb you . . ." Hannibal said before the woman interrupted him.

The woman lifted a slender finger and pointed at Murdock, "You know, in this life the past touches you, haunts you." Eyes turn to Murdock as he nods.

"Colonel, we ain't got time for this jibber jabber," B.A. said gruffly, "Decker's gonna figure out where we at."

The old woman's eyes close as she began to speak again, "The hounds of hell pursue you, and have done so in many forms. They touch you, hold you, but never keep you long. One life to the next you serve gods, goddesses, the power almighty, never wavering from the light." Her eyes open and the crystal blue of her eyes seem to look into the souls of each man standing before her. Weakly, she rises from her chair and shuffles to a side table. Lifting the lid on a box she withdraws several items and returns to the men. "I have a gift that has waited for hundreds of years to be given to you."

Unafraid she stands before B.A. and reaches out to touch the gold around his neck. "You've been given a hard lot in this life child, but the tender golden light in your heart remains bright for the innocent." Her hand drops, and she grasps his hand and places a small medallion in it before moving on.

In front of Hannibal she clicks her tongue against her cheek, "Always the leader regardless the form." Shaking her head she places a medallion into the Colonel's hand.

"Your sweet words, ah what can I say in comparison," the old woman whispered as she took Face's hand, "In your heart you know the words better than I." Sighing deeply she drops a medallion identical to the other two given out into the handsome man's hand.

Finally, she moved to stand before Murdock. Tenderly she reaches out to stoke his cheek, "So much negative in your current life has brought forth the negative in the past." She paused and pressed the final medallion into the Captain's hand. "Find the positive in the past."

Stepping away, the woman smiled warmly at the four men. "Bring the medallions together and you will be granted the gift of a memory." She turned her back on them, "Now go."


TBC by anyone who takes up the challenge :)

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    Cadillac Challenge from Nadia
    Write how Face got that 53 Cadillac convertible in the jungles of Nam. All we know from the ep is its trade secret so this should be interesting :). No limit.

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      Challenge Week - Challenge 3 from Jipster
      OK, the challenge for me here is to completely explain myself clearly and precisely - this is something I don't think has been done on this list to my knowledge *yet* so listen up....

      I will give you a list of words, each word represents the start of a sentence. They will be listed one under the other. Using these words you are required to 'complete' the sentences *and* tell a story at the same time.

      For example...if I were to give you the words,


      Your could respond with something like this...

      The day couldn't get any worse for Face.
      Murdock was still stuck at the VA.
      Never again would Hannibal attempt to scam the crazyman out of the VA.

      Does that make sense?

      Now, you must keep the words in the same order as posted. You must start each of your sentences with the words given. Please do not forget grammer and simply write 'really' long unreadable sentences that last forever and forever without a break just so you don't have to start another sentence [just like that]. Keep within the realms of storytelling structures. Do not feel pressured to tell a complete story, the story does NOT need to end.

      Right here are the words you need....

      • The
      • BA
      • It
      • Opposite
      • Face
      • However
      • The
      • Maybe
      • Murdock
      • In
      • Hannibal
      • Strangely
      • The
      • In
      Ok, see what you can do.

      any questions just ask :)


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          Challenge Week - Challenge 13 from Jipster
          Challenge #13

          The A-Team are caught, its your job to try and explain *how* they got caught. In roughly 500 words or less explain how the team found themselves in the following predicament.

          They are in a dusty abandoned warehouse. Hannibal is tied up and no longer has a cigar. Face is in the corner apparently knocked out. Murdock is also tied up talking about a tractor he'd seen. BA isn't there.

          Your piece of writing MUST finish with the following lines. These lines do NOT count in the 500 words allowed.

          <<"Faceman isn't responding, colonel," Murdock stated. "I never saw the tractor. I just didn't see it and usually I'm twenty-twenty vision. It just appeared out of nowhere like superman!"

          "Don't worry, Murdock. It'll take more than a tractor to stop the A-Team, even a super hero one," The colonel stated with a smirk. The situation looked bad and the team just waited for news.>>

          So with that information I want you to write how they found themselves in this situation. Why hasn't Hannibal got a cigar and why is Murdock going on about a tractor? Why is the Faceman knocked out and where is BA?

          Do not write how they escape (that's the next challenge) just write how they got caught. You do not need to 'start' or 'set up' the story. It is acceptable to *just* write the 'getting captured' bit. The challenge is working with what I have given you.

          You have till early morning to get this done - depending on your location. To be sure make sure your entry is posted before midnight your time.

          Hope this is cool....look out for challenge #14 soony.

          Challenge #14

          If you've done challenge #13 then this is the follow on. You should have already established how the team were caught. Now its time to get the team to escape. Using your previous set up from #13, make the team escape!

          Your last piece of writing should have finished with this passage.

          <<"Faceman isn't responding, colonel," Murdock stated. "I never saw the tractor. I just didn't see it and usually I'm twenty-twenty vision. It just appeared out of nowhere like superman!"

          "Don't worry, Murdock. It'll take more than a tractor to stop the A-Team, even a super hero one," The colonel stated with a smirk. The situation looked bad and the team just waited for news.>>

          Using this as the start of challenge #14 write in roughly 500 words or less the great escape. However, surely that's too easy? - yes, in the escape you have to include the following events/items:

          • A tractor
          • BA giggling
          • a 'mention/reference' to Christmas
          • a potato or two
          • Face's bad choice in neck ties

          You've guessed by now that challenge 14 can't be done unless you've completed #13. So, don't attempt this until #13 is done :)

          Again, be sure to get your entries for both 13 & 14 to the list by midnight your time - its not called challenge week for nothing!

          Have fun and this marks the beginning of the end of Challenge Week!

          Thanks to all who have participated, its been a real joy!


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            Character Flaw Challenge from Merry
            I just thought of this while frying up some spam and eggs.

            Name a flaw a character has. For example, B.A. has too quick a temper. Then write a short story in which the character screws up a plan in some way because of his flaw.

            The catch....you have to use your favorite character. For example, if you are a Murdockian, you must write a story in which one of Murdock's character flaws causes the plan to go awry.

            No word limit. Just interested in what peeps come up with.


            1. View reply from: Black Fire (Worst Case Scenario)
            2. View reply from: Danielle (Kingdom Come)
            3. View reply from: Jipster (Lost Cover)
            4. View reply from: Reckless (Murphy's Flaw)
            5. View reply from: Stompy Sara (Learning to Fly)

            Christmas Challenge from Black Fire

            • The story should take place around Christmas eve
            • it should involve a plane crash
            • Mountains
            • an explosion
            • lots of snow
            • some injuries (to one or more team members)
            • one team member getting lost
            • The Team have lost everything (except for the clothes they are wearing and maybe some cigars and Murdock's latest object of obsession, so there are no guns etc...)
            You may use any additional characters (Amy, Tawnia, Frankie, Decker, Lynch or Stockwell...) if you want to. You don't have to...

            There's no word limit, no particular genre, you can make it funny, or serious, or slashy, whatever you wish. You could even write a poem...Deadline is on December 23rd.

            1. View reply from: A. Nannie Mouse(Christmas In The Mountains)
            2. View reply from: Adalia(A Failed - uhmm - Creatively Readjusted Plan)
            3. View reply from: Cathy Fisher(Revenge Is Sweet)
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            10. View reply from: Susie Owens(Piece Of Cake - Wanna Slice?)

              Christmas Song Challenge from Cathy
              Everyone knows about song fics, but have you ever tried to write a song fic without the lyrics?

              My challenge to you all is to choose a popular Christmas carol and write a story around it. DO NOT INCLUDE THE LYRICS TO THE SONG. See if you can make the characters and events in the story describe the song. Then, when you post it, others can guess which song you were writing about.

              For example, the Team gets a mission in (Snowdom) around Christmas. There is a big snow storm and the client lends them her horse drawn sleigh to get around in...

              Answer: Jingle Bells

              Now that is a very simplistic idea, and I know you folks can do a LOT better. I'd love to see what is lurking around in your brains. :)

              Have fun and see if you can get it done by Christmas or at least New Years.

              1. View reply from: Alanda (Heavenly Peace)
              2. View reply from: Blinky, the Christmas Elf (Ho, Ho, Ho!)
              3. View reply from: TVNewsCam (Murdock's Christmas Miracle)
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              8. View reply from: Priestess of Templeton (Bells)
              9. View reply from: TVNewsCam (Charity)
              10. View reply from: TVNewsCam (Hannibal's Christmas)
              11. View reply from: Hayley May (Santa)
              12. View reply from: Lt. Peck (This Year)

                Combination Challenge from Cap'n
                Life is tough. It's tougher if you're stupid.

                It takes 42 muscles in your face to frown. It only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and smack someone upside the head.

                Combination Challenge by Cap'n

                Ok I got one! Let's combine the two challenges together.
                The story has to begin with the line....
                There was a loud bang....
                and end with the line
                "I love you."

                Anyone brave enough to accept this challenge...huh? Huh?

                1. View reply from: Wendy W (Measure of a Friend)

                  Face & Murdock Scam Week Challenge from Jipster
                  Face and Murdock have been ordered by Hannibal to acquire a fine rare gold bracelet from a fine jewelers that has been illegally purchased by the unknowing shop keep. The Shop keep is unawares the bracelet is stolen and the team do not have the finance to purchase it *BA refuses to part with his gold* They need the bracelet, its an heirloom that cannot be replaced, they have been hired to get it back and the mission has found them here...

                  So....how will Face, with Murdock's help acquire said piece of jewelry for free?

                  Face finds at his disposal in the van a still camera, fake ID, theatre make up, a fishing net and an old looking book.

                  Face and Murdock can be wearing whatever it takes [the show seemed to always find them the right clothes no matter where they were *g*]

                  So....get thinking and start posting...

                  1. View reply from: Susie Owens (The Jewelry Scam)

                  Face Picture Challenge from Tee

                  A short story, or missing scene.  WIth: Face by a river. Explain why his hair is wet, but the jacket is dry, it should be someone elses.  (Your favorite team member).  He looks back over his should to watch (the owner of the jacket) do something.  And lastly he must do something nice for this person when he returns the jacket.

                  That's it.

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                  Father's Day Song Challenge from Unknown
                  write a story for father's day, including the song 'You Needed Me.'

                  1. View reply from: Terri

                    From Blackout To Blackout Challenge from Jaguar
                    I had a strange idea pop into my head last night as a dream. It was the idea for a story challenge called "From Black Out to Black Out". What you do is take any character and write from when they awake from being knocked out some way, which you could mention but don't have to, to them being knock out again. Use any character; BA, Amy, Stockwell, Decker, etc., it doesn't have to be just the team. It can be any length, from a paragraph to 3 or 4 pages, it doesn't matter. This isn't suppose to be a whole story but if you want to write one that's ok.

                    1. View reply from: Faceinating (From Blackout To Blackout)
                    2. View reply from: Faceinating (From Black out To Black out To Black out To Black out)

                      Guilty Pleasure Week Challenge from Jips
                      OK, picture the scene.

                      Its the mid 80's and you have been successful in finding yourself on the writing team of the top TV show 'The A-Team'. As the rookie they turn to you and tell you 'this episode isn't working...we feel it needs just ONE scene re-written or written from scratch to save it.'

                      Using any of the episodes currently under the spotlight, can you meet this challenge? Can you save 'the episode' before the guys walk onto set in front of the camera?

                      Can be serious or funny - if it saves the episode then go for it!

                      You have the rest of this week and the beginning of next to meet this challenge! :)

                      Thank yous.

                      List Mom

                      1. View reply from: Jipster (The Crystal Skull (re-write #294))

                      Halloween Challenge from Susie
                      Hi peeps Halloween is coming up BOOO So I have a challenge. For someone to write the A-Team spending the night at a haunted house. And these items must be in them

                      • Black Cat
                      • Ghost
                      • Skeleton
                      • Goblin
                      Must be done by Halloween and posted on Halloween

                      1. View reply from: Captain Polka Dot aka Susie (Night of Terror)

                        Letter Challenge from H.O.W.LING Mad

                        You are in trouble. You have a lead on the A-Team - an address - and you really need their help. You decide to write a letter. You fear that they might move on if you're not quick enough, so you write one under 500 words :) It has to be convincing, I'm not saying insame, but you really have to appeal to them, espesially your fave, seeing as that one person could persuade the rest of the team. You've heard that the team might have another job to do and that they will be gone from the address in two days - you can't risk not contacting them. I'm sure you will recieve a letter back if you write...

                        1. View reply from: Hannurdock

                          School Days Challenge from Captain Marina
                          Since I am sitting here at my desk in the computer lab of a middle school (surrounded by 11-14 year olds) and waiting for June to arrive (only about another 6 weeks till vacation!!)... I could use some funny school relate stories
                          So I propose a challenge....

                          Has to be no more then 1000 words

                          Include the following:

                          • At least 2 team members, but can be more (one of them has to be teaching the class or working in a school for whatever reason...the reason being up to the author)
                          • A class full of kids or more then one class--age, grade level up to you..
                          • A pregnant rabbit or rodent of some sort
                          • Glue
                          • Scissors
                          • Highlighter (fluorescent green)
                          • a vacuum cleaner
                          • a computer
                          • a jelly donut
                          • someone crying or throwing a temper tantrum
                          • pizza
                          • someone dressed in a hula skirt and singing "Tiny Bubbles"
                          • gum stuck to an inappropriate place...ie Face's hair for example
                          • a live flounder
                          • someone blowing milk bubbles
                          • a melted ice cream sandwich
                          • and finally a fire extinguisher
                            Good luck!!!

                              Song Challenge from Megan
                              Challenge:  Write a story using the song lyrics somewhere within. Mostly basing the story off of the lyrics.  The lyrics have to apply to Face, and maybe Murdock is the one who tries to comfort him or open his eyes. Anyway, it's kinda vague so have fun with it.  The song is by Goo Goo Dolls (Dizzy up the Girl) and I changed about two or three words around to fit Face better. It's called Acoustic #3, and it's really sweet.

                              "They painted up your secrets
                              With the lies they told to you
                              And the least they ever gave you
                              Was the most you ever knew.

                              And I wonder where these dreams go
                              When the world gets in your way
                              What's the point in all this screaming
                              No one's listening anyway.

                              Your voice is small and fading
                              And you hide in here unknown
                              And your mother loved your father
                              Cause she had no where to go

                              And she wondered where these dreams go
                              Cause the world got in her way
                              What's the point in ever trying
                              Nothing's changing anyway.

                              They press their lips against you
                              And you love the lies they say
                              And I tried so hard to reach you
                              But you're falling anyway.

                              And you know I see right through you
                              When the world gets in your way
                              What's the point in all this screaming
                              You're not listening anyway."

                              1. View reply from: Nubiangeek

                              Story Challenge from Jade
                              Hi guys. I dare you lot to write a fic in which this poem appears in it.

                              "You drink coffee,
                              I drink tea,
                              You can smear chocolate sauce all over me,
                              But if that fails to get a raise,
                              Don't worry Babe,
                              We can always try mayonnaise."

                              1. View reply from: Captain Marina (Something New)

                              St. Valentines Day Challenge from Danielle
                              *Sigh* The BF and I will be apart for Valentine's Day. This will be the first time in 3 years I haven't spent it with him....so I'm kinda sad.

                              Therefore, I propose a St. Valentine's Day challenge for all you writers!

                              The fic may be of any length and in any style but must include ALL of the following and be posted in full on February 14th:

                              1. A long description of some Asian food.
                              2. Professional Wrestling
                              3. A red rose with a broken stem
                              4. An escaped pet mouse (preferably named Rosalind)
                              5. A mention of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
                                and finally....
                              6. A happy ending
                              Best of luck!

                              1. View Reply From: Cathy Fisher (The Winter Rose)

                                The Relationship Challenge from Hannurdock
                                Ok guys, here's the deal. You have to write a story about you and one of the A-Team having a major relationship. YOU have to be a member of the team, YOU must take Tawnia's place.

                                One vital part - (a) you have to think of a name for yourself - not your real one, a commando name to be associated with the team (b) you need to give yourself an area of expertise like the ateam members all have. ie Hannibal - strategy & leadership, BA - mechanical & unarmed combat, Murdock - pilot, Face - cons.

                                The story MUST contain at least 5 of the following:-

                                1. How you met the character in question.

                                2. A passionate kiss or sex scene - its up to you, and of course, how naughty you feel!

                                3. A scene in which you AND another member of the A-Team (not the guy your having the relationship with) have a deep discussion about children.

                                4. At least one other member of the VA must make an appearance in the story.

                                5. A visit to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

                                6. You MUST tell BA to lay off Murdock at least once, or more times if you want.

                                7. YOU get shot during an assignment.

                                8. You say 'I love it when a plan comes together' and shock Hannibal.

                                9. A bad guy with the name of 'Hairy Phil' must appear in the story.

                                10. A rival for the affection of your A-Team relationship character comes on the scene.

                                The story can be as short or long as you like - but MUST include at least 5 of the above points.

                                Happy Writing!

                                1. View reply from: Jes Parker
                                2. View reply from: Lacy
                                3. View reply from: The Sniper

                                  Time Travel Challenge from Konni Tamura
                                  I'd like purpose you a Challenge. What if the A-Team travels in the time at the Past? The French Revolution, the American Civil War, the Commonwealth colonies in India, Africa, Australia? The ancient Greek? The Crusades?

                                  Do you like my idea? I hope so! I'd love to see Facey wearing tight trousers and high boots, with a sword wound and with antibiotics! Hehehe...

                                  1. View reply from: pclip (Past Friends)

                                  Twisted Challenge from Captain Marina and Fingers

                                  No longer then 500 hundred words

                                  Has to contain the following:

                                  • At least two team members (can be more)
                                  • Tanya or Frankie

                                  • A nail file

                                  • Lava lamp

                                  • cement mixer

                                  • remote control

                                  • pigeon

                                  • fuzzy bunny slippers

                                  • sardines

                                  • and the phrase "gone walkabout"
                                  • And someone or everyone has to do the dance the "Twist"

                                  1. View reply from: Black Fire (Welcome Home)
                                  2. View reply from: Danielle (The Unwilling Entertainer and the Man With the Mohawk )
                                  3. View reply from: Georgia Bentz (Helping Out)
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                                  VA Scam Challenge from Nadia
                                  The challenge is to write a way of getting Murdock out of the VA that never was done in the eps. :). No word limits.

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                                  The Van Challenge from Cap'n
                                  Ok this was a challenge issued on the old FF list...I can't remember who it was, but the credit goes to them. I thought it was a great challenge and I would like to see what this list would come up with....

                                  Write a story no more than 1000 words from BA's van's point of view...

                                  Now I replied to this, but I would have to find it. I may just redo it.

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